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Storm Reflex (DRaaS)

How do you ensure business continuity in the face of a complete hardware failure? Can you afford revenue losses as a result of downtime, however brief it may be? Who is going to take the time to respond to angry customers and repair damaged relationships?

StormReflex is ironclad business continuity. It mirrors your existing dedicated server or cloud infrastructure onto identical hardware at a different geographical location, completely independent from the first. Clever switching allows us to route traffic from one location to the other as soon as hardware failure occurs. This means zero downtime and zero loss of revenue...it's always business as usual.

Storm Reflex replicates and restores servers in real time

Or, if you prefer it in tech-speak: StormReflex offers RPOs that cut data loss down to virtually zero.

Combined with Storm's 100% network uptime cash-back guarantee, StormReflex makes 100% business continuity an affordable reality.
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