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A Cloud Server provides the perfect middle ground between shared hosting and a dedicated server. With a Cloud Server, you can host your applications and websites on the internet with all the features and flexibility of a dedicated server. Yet at a fraction of the cost.

Why choose us for your Cloud Server?


Unlike traditional VPS that run on a single physical server, ours run across multiple cloud configured servers, giving you unlimited upscale potential. And because the cloud is more than one machine, hardware failure has significantly less chance of affecting your website or online applications.

Superior Performance

In partnership with CloudFlare CDN, StormBolt caches static files at strategic edge nodes across the globe. Fewer hops and lower latency to and from these nodes ensure faster content delivery to your website visitors, wherever they are in the world. Many of our clients notice a 65% speed increase to their site when they switch to Storm.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Many of our competitors charge bandwidth/data transfer usage on top of the monthly package fee. With Storm, UNLIMITED bandwidth comes as standard. No hidden fees – EVER!


Every Storm Internet server is preconfigured with StormSecure as well as trusted partner security measures. This adds protection against more than 45,000 threats - you're protected before you're connected.

Value for Money

We've gone out of our way to undercut the competition with a high-quality personalised service that looks after your interests. Faster data access, scalable feature packed hosting, backed by high-end support, for less.

Success Story

"Storm Internet offered flexible options to meet the budget we had and we really felt they listened to our needs"

Storm Cloud Private

Create Virtual Servers on the fly in your own secure dedicated environment

Storm Cloud Public

Host web sites & applications on our award winning fully managed Cloud platform

Need Help?

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