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This feature is offered to current Storm Internet dedicated server customers. We give you peace of mind by ensuring your server data is backed up and can be quickly restored should your server suffer a major failure.

Unlike backup solutions provided by many of our competitors, we don't just schedule a standard backup job to run on your server. We work on a individual basis to deliver a backup solution tailored to the specific needs of your business.

By employing a variety of backup methods we can eliminate the common issue of age of backup data versus performance impact on the server. So, if you only have a small number of files which change on your server per day, we can minimise the impact on your server's performance by running frequent incremental backups of just those specific files. If larger areas of your data change, we can schedule in a full backup of this data only at a when the server is at it's quietest period.

Storm's Server Backup Features

  • Fully configurable backup solutions tailored to meet your project's requirements
  • Designed to back up all required data efficiently, accurately and with minimum performance impact to your server and your users
  • Additional space available at £1/month per additional GB
  • Fully customised backups - we can exclude files and directories which you don't wish to have backed up. Similarly we can include only specific directories and drives. Also you can request that your full backup runs on a particular day at a particular time.
  • Full management of your backup solution and completion of the recovery process, as and when required and at no extra cost.