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Business Continuity

Why do companies need a Business Continuity Plan?

A business continuity plan is essential for defining the steps necessary to restore business processes following a disruption. The plan also identifies the triggers for invocation, people to be involved etc.

What is an IT Continuity Plan?

An IT continuity plan defines the steps required to recover one or more IT services following a disruption. It should form part of the overall Business Continuity Plan.

IT Continuity Planning from Storm Internet

At Storm Internet we have vast experience in IT Continuity Planning and have staff trained to ITIL industry standards.

We will work closely with you to understand your organisation and develop a bespoke IT Continuity Plan which:

  • Ensures business survival by reducing the impact of a disaster or major failure
  • Reduces the vulnerability and risk to the business by effective risk analysis and management
  • Prevents the loss of customer and user confidence
  • Integrates with and fully supports your organisation’s overall Business Continuity Plan

For further details on how Storm Internet can help with your IT Continuity Plan, please contact our Solution Experts on 0800 817 4727 or via the form opposite.