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Get a full refund when you upgrade to a server

All websites start off small - no website or web application starts off with a large infrastructure behind it, because for the most part, it just isn't necessary, simply because there won't be many users at the beginning to fully utilise that architecture. That's why shared hosting is a popular option, it's affordable from the outset and gives SMEs the resources they need to get their website off the ground.

To help get you started, we've introduced our free hosting growth program! It's an offer available exclusively to start-up's and small businesses, with any of our shared hosting packages. Simply sign up for one of our shared hosting packages, pay for 2 years up front and that package is yours for life! When you need to upgrade your services with us we'll refund your initial outlay, so your hosting really is free!

What's the catch?

No catch! We're simply passionate about helping business to grow. We recognise that the key to success in any business is growth, and if you're successful, we're successful. So it's a win-win situation. Subsequently by giving you a hosting package that truly is free for life, it's one less recurring bill for you to worry about, giving you room to focus on the growth of your business. Rather than your hosting provider, we prefer to see ourselves as your hosting partner and are here to guide you along the way. As a shared web hosting environment starts to become too limiting for you, we can help you to migrate to a more powerful solution that can offer the capacity necessary to sustain growth for the long-term.

The bigger picture

As well as looking at what you require now and how we can help to meet those needs, we focus mainly on the long-term picture and where your business is heading. It is often noted that some websites facing significant growth can suffer what are known as 'growing pains', resulting from a failure to ensure that the right infrastructure is in place beforehand. Taking a long-term view from the start enables us to work with you to make sure that you don't suffer these growing pains. By having a plan in place for the resources that you may need in the future, we'll ensure that you are already prepared to deal with the influx of new users as your business grows.

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Everything you need & more to support web sites developed using Microsoft scripting technologies

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Enjoy the legendary power and stability of the Linux operating system and more!

Client Testimonial

"On both the availability and services for what is relatively low cost hosting has been excellent...I have no hesitation in recommending Storm."
Mark Eveleigh

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