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High Availability Hosting

Who is it for?

Our 100% uptime solution ensures your web site(s) or applications remain online even in the event of a hardware or full server failure.

This solution is ideal for large corporate web sites, high-traffic web sites or business solutions where system downtime would prove extremely costly.  The solution consists of disk mirroring, plus load balancing technology and ensures incoming requests to your website or system are distributed to the least busy server.

As well as providing protection from hardware failure, load balancing ensures that one server is never overloaded with requests.  It also ensures that visitors to your site(s) receive super-fast responses to the pages they access.

The following solution is designed for web sites that receive less than 10,000 visitors per day.  If your site receives more than this please take a look at our "Enterprise" version of this solution.

How does it work?

The following diagram describes how the solution works: -

  • 1) Internet traffic enters the protected network and is routed to the least busy server.
  • 2) The server cluster uses server mirroring to ensure data served from either server is identical.  Web servers are checked for availability and should one suffer a failure, all requests are automatically routed to the second server, ensuring the web site remains online.  The failed server component can later seamlessly be replaced and reactivated without causing disruption to service.
  • 3) SAN Storage holds the physical SQL Server database and the data here is queried and processed by servers in the cluster.  SAN Storage is key to the solution and ensures that should one of the servers fail, the second server can still access the latest copy of the data and continue processing.
  • 4) The complete solution is protected by a secure network perimeter that guards against malicious attacks from the internet.  Windows IP Security Policy can be used to lock down all unnecessary ports, plus can be combined with a hardware firewall for additional security.

Is there a version for Linux?

Yes.  Although, the solution described above has been designed for a Windows operating system and demonstrates what is achievable, the solution can also be applied to the Linux operating platform.

How much does it cost?

The solution can be applied to any combination of server specification and can be fully customised to suit your projects needs.  To speak to a Solution Expert about creating a tailored 100% uptime solution for your project please contact us on 0800 817 4727 or email us by clicking here.