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KVM over IP

Raritan KVMs KVM over IP allows control of a server's keyboard, video, and mouse (hence the abbreviation 'KVM'). Unlike when using RDP, SSH or virtualisation software, KVM sends signals directly to the BIOS through a dedicated server-side connection. This allows access and control over remote devices via any internet connection ('over IP'), even when the server is booting up or has become unresponsive.

It essentially gives you pretty much the same control as if you were stood right in front of the server.

Storm Internet supplies both single-server and multiple-server KVM switches from DRAC, HP iLO, IPMI, Raritan and AdderLink. Expert tech support is available 24/7 to assist when and as needed.

Benefits of KVM over IP

  • Convenient
    KVM over IP eliminates the need for physical human intervention when devices need to be managed or rebooted. The browser-based interface allows full control of the target device even when it has stalled.
  • Secure
    Since target devices are connected directly to a KVM switch via ethernet cable, a VPN connection is required to access the KVM interface. Data encryption is ensured by default, providing safe and secure remote administration.
  • Browser-based Interface KVM over IP requires no software installation. Instead the interface is hosted on the KVM switch and can be accessed using any browser, on any internet-connected device. The interface itself is easy to use and allows control of one or more connected devices at the same time as well as simple switching between different system views. A searchable database allows administrators to locate devices instantly (perfect for large, complex networks).

    Real-time monitoring by the KVM switch allows administrators to keep an eye on server temperature, humidity, and power usage, and to receive alarm notifications. Periodic reporting is also available.