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Managed Cloud

Beyond the commodity - Cloud servers fully managed, monitored & supported at all levels 24/7/365

Perfect for use as a dedicated web, email or database server where you don't want the responsibility of having to look after it

Our Managed Cloud solution provides the perfect middle ground between shared hosting and a dedicated server, perfect for dedicated web, email or database where you don't want the responsibility of looking after it.

With a Cloud Server you can host your applications and websites on the internet with all the features and flexibility of a dedicated server, but at a fraction of the cost. Storm Managed Cloud is just that, fully managed, monitored and supported at all levels 24/7/365.


Why choose Storm for your Cloud Server?


Unlimited upscale potential with less chance of hardware failure

Superior Performance

Up to 65% faster content delivery

Ultra Secure

StormSecure protects against more than 45,000 threats

Unlimited Bandwidth

Comes as standard, with no hidden fees ever

Free Fully Managed Support

24/7/365 expert online assistance comes as standard

Value for Money

High-quality personalised service that undercuts other providers

Public or Private Cloud?

WHAT'S IT FOR? Running lots of seperate servers in the most cost-efficent manner. Hosting high traffic or business critical web sites and applications.
KEY BENEFITS No charges for creating additional Virtual Servers. Runs on entirely dedicated hardware. Scalable so that cost paid is proportional to however busy your site or app is.
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