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What is Storm Private Cloud?

Put simply, Storm Private Cloud is like having your own data centre. Built on enterprise-grade hardware, you can create multiple virtual servers, scale up processing power and add memory on-demand, exactly when your business needs it.

Storm Private Cloud - The Smart Move for Software Companies

Storm’s award-winning Private Cloud:


Flexible and scalable

Configuration made easy, we give you the tools, flexibility and support to create a rock-solid, secure, scalable server infrastructure for your business. With full hardware redundancy and instant creation of new virtual machines, Storm’s Private Cloud is the smart choice over the traditional dedicated server approach, which is both less flexible and more expensive. 

Resilience guaranteed

Intelligent, always-on and complete failover technology including advanced virtual SAN, enterprise-grade Dell hardware, independent power feeds and optional full mirroring to a second physical data centre (with Storm Reflex DRaas) guarantees a reliable and continuous service for your software applications. » Read more...

24/7/365 monitoring

Through Security Metrics we provide 24/7 online threat detection and protection, monitoring everything to provide you with ultimate peace of mind. Essentially you have your own security team on-hand and available to you around-the-clock for a fraction of the cost it would be to do this in-house. » Read more...

100% UK based

Storm Private Cloud is just that. Private. It is yours. Located in our Tier 4 UK data centres in Maidenhead and Manchester in the UK, you know exactly where your data is and who has access to it. » Read more...

Easy implementation

Our unique 7-Step process makes it easy for you to go from design to implementation, working directly with you to lock down security, help with migration, establish custom escalation procedures and set up bespoke code/scripts to put you in absolute control. No more IT issues, we manage your infrastructure so you don't have to. Read more...

Simple and straightforward to manage

Unlike AWS and Azure, there are no steep learning curves for setting up, configuring and managing your cloud. Storm Private Cloud comes with a simple-to-use control panel, giving you all the tools you need to manage your cloud on-demand. Failing that, you can always call on us for help! » Read more...

Total security

At Storm, our true value lies in our years of experience and knowledge in successfully managing servers for hundreds of clients across the UK. Through our StormSecure package we secure your Private Cloud to McAfee SECURE standards by default, with proprietary server hardening protocols and 45,000+ security checks and scans. Ongoing virus, spam, HTTP-intrusion protection and daily security audits are in place for each and every Storm Private Cloud. » Read more...

Awesome support

Our legendary support and 24/7/365 monitoring mean we’re always on-hand to help if you need us. We’ve got your back, leaving you to focus on your day job and rest easy that the IT is taken care of. » Read more...


Don’t just take our word for it. In 2016 Storm Private Cloud won the ISPA’s prestigious Best Cloud Product award which followed similar success in 2015 where we won the ISPA Best Use of the Cloud award. » Read more...

Value for money

Putting a price on security, knowing exactly where your data is, having support whenever you need it and the overall piece-of-mind afforded to you by Storm Private Cloud is hard to do, but we think we’ve cracked it! Our pricing model means you can have a private cloud for less than the equivalent dedicated servers and more importantly at a fixed monthly cost, unlike AWS and Azure where costs vary based on usage.

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Who uses Storm Private Cloud?

Typical Customers

Our customers typically include:

  • SaaS Application Vendors: who have developed their own multi-tenanted SaaS product who rely on the high resilience and on-demand scalability of Storm’s Private Cloud
  • Hosted Application Vendors: who have developed a software application (or applications) that are installed and licenced as individual instances
  • Software Development Companies: who design, build and host web applications (and websites) for and on behalf of multiple clients
  • Digital Agencies: who design, build and host web applications (and websites) for and on behalf of multiple clients


How Software Companies are using Storm Private Cloud

Our customers typically use Storm Private Cloud to create:

SaaS Applications

As a production environment for SaaS applications.

Storm Private Cloud Uses - SaaS Applications

Hosted Applications

As a production environment to offer clients individual virtual servers without the expense and maintenance of physical dedicated servers.

Storm Private Cloud Uses - Hosted Applications

Centralised Dev Environment

As a centralised and secure development environment accessed via VPN.

Storm Private Cloud Uses - Centralised Dev Environment

Unified Dev/Production

As a single, secure, segregated infrastructure for development and production environments.

Storm Private Cloud Uses - Unified Dev/Production Environment

Instead of a Dedicated Server

Two are better than one. With a mini-cloud setup, two virtual servers can provide redundancy and failover that a single dedicated server can't at a similar price.

Storm Private Cloud Uses - Instead of a Dedicated Server