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StormCloud Public

Your own fully customisable cloud server

10x faster than a typical Virtual Private Server

Perfect for use as a dedicated web, email or database server where you don't want the responsibility of having to look after it

Have full control of your virtual environments at your fingertips

Through the Storm portal, you can provision new Virtual Machines as needed, each time only paying for the exact resources that you choose to form your server. If you're unsure as to what your future demand will be then autoscaling can be enabled so that your Virtual Machines can grow as the demand placed on them grows.

Full control

The Storm portal will provide you with a web interface to your Virtual Machines. Through the portal you can start, stop and reboot your Virtual Machines. You will have full control of your server, and can even restore your Virtual Machines from previous backups if necessary.



You can be assured that hardware failure won't have an impact on the availability of your Virtual Machine, with failover protection ensuring that Virtual Machines are moved to the next available parent server if their uptime is threatened by a hardware malfunction.


Resize and autoscale as required

Does your website suffer unpredictable traffic spikes? If so, you can build a Virtual Machine to cope with these because with autoscaling enabled, additional resources can be allocated to your server to cope with traffic spikes when they occur so that you don't have to pay for resources that would for the most part be laying redundant.


Pay as you go

Our pay as you go billing structure puts you in full control of how much you spend on the cloud each month. This is perfect if you need to stick to a budget, because it means you can configure a Virtual Machine which is guaranteed to be affordable.


Choice of operating system

We offer a library of operating systems for you to choose from. As well as multiple editions Windows Server 2008 and 2012, you can also choose to provision your Virtual Machines using one of our many Linux distribution images, ranging from CentOS to Ubuntu.


KVM over IP

Our cloud KVM over IP feature provides you with the facility to access your Virtual Machine's console through a web interface, bypassing the need for an SSH or Remote Desktop client on the local machine. This can be handy in situations where you need to make a quick configuration change, but don't have the desktop clients to hand at that moment, or when a service freezes and manual intervention is required.


24/7 support

If you have a query or are experiencing an issue with your cloud service then you can chat with us or email us at anytime, with 24/7 LiveChat and ticket support being a standard feature of all of our cloud services.