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Ruby on Rails is a popular scripting framework that is used to develop scalable web applications. The Ruby scripting language has been around since 1995, although it is only in recent years that Ruby on Rails has really started to make pathways in the world of web development and is now being used as a replacement for PHP by some web developers. Like most scripting language, Ruby on Rails will allow you to create a dynamic website that has the added benefit of database interaction.

Why is Ruby on Rails so widely used?

The syntax of Ruby means that it is simple to use yet can still be used to accomplish relatively complex programming tasks. Rails applications can also cope with high loads which make it ideal for use in a situation where you need to deploy an application fast. As well as having the development time cut down, Ruby code is optimized to help ensure the final product will be able to cope with the pressures of a high-use environment. Like PHP, Ruby on Rails is an open source scripting language meaning that it is free to use even in commercial environments.

Does Storm support Rails hosting?

Yes. We support Ruby on Rails hosting on our Linux Plus, Linux Ultimate and Linux Reseller web hosting packages. These packages allow you to access all of the Ruby on Rails features without the need for any additional server side software.

Why should I choose Storm Internet for Rails hosting?

  • Top 10 host for uptime - Storm continues to be ranked within the Top 10 for server uptime by with a typical uptime percentage of over 99.9%
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