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SAN Hosting

Dell EqualLogic Storm Internet's SAN Hosting (Storage Area Networks) provide fault-tolerant centralised storage for businesses that generate high volumes of data. Unlike traditional computer-based data storage, SANs consist of a super resilient centralised network of shared storage devices accessible via LANs, VLANs, or even WANs. Individual storage devices in a SAN are interconnected with very high speed connections, ensuring that data access, or transfer, occurs without delay. Storm Internet's SAN Hosting provides the additional benefit of being highly scalable, which means additional storage capacity can be added without interruption or downtime.

Why choose a SAN?

  • Centralised storage can be connected to from multiple devices
  • High Availability with Dual Power Feeds and Redundant Network Connections
  • Flexible options for storage space between 50GB to hundreds of terabytes
  • Transfer Rates up to 4Gb per Second
  • Frees up server processing power, boosting client access and productivity

Shared SANs & Private SANs

SANs improve server and network performance as well as overall reliability, making it an ideal solution for businesses that need efficient data management and access to large volumes of storage space at any given time.

Shared SAN access is available from Storm Internet at an affordable 60p per gigabyte and offers airtight security as well as 24/7/365 maintenance and support. For those requiring large amounts of storage space, we can provide fully managed dedicated / private SANs for leading models including Dell PowerVault and EqualLogic as well as from EMC2.