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24/7/365 Server Management & Monitoring

Around the clock proactive server monitoring for your web sites & systems

Storm's Server Monitoring features open up an easy road to peace-of-mind hosting. Keep an eye on your goals while we keep ours on your hosting availability & security. Add custom monitoring features to your hosting for a tailored hosting environment that works the way you do. Just tell our team what you want an eye kept on, and we'll do the rest.

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24/7 proactive web site uptime monitoring

Our support team monitor your server along with any hosted web sites you tell us about 24/7/365. Should any stop responding for any reason, we'll proactively investigate to bring it back online ASAP. No need to contact us to report it, continue focusing on your own tasks or enjoy your day off and leave the uptime of your services to us.

Resource monitoring

Real-time reporting of resource-usage and activity on your ports and services makes informed decisions a little easier. Set up your custom alerts to be notified of network and server activity and when resource thresholds are reached. Extend your support team into ours with tailored SLAs and optional Custom Escalation Procedures (CEP).

Custom Escalation Procedures

Switch off and take it easy while you're having dinner with the family. With our Custom Escalation Procedures (CEP) enabled we'll keep a vigilant eye out for predefined alerts generated by your sites or servers. Need a service restarted once an alert is received? Should we reboot a server, or employ load balancing measures? Whatever your instructions, it'll be followed to the letter without delay.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Storm's web application firewall qualifies traffic in real time to block malicious visitors and harmful sources. An additional layer of WAF protection is added with the OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule Set (CRS) which delivers WAF critical security risk attack prevention as determined by A-list security experts.

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