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Peace of Mind is Paramount

Storm's 24/7/365 Award Winning support service is designed with one purpose in mind; to provide you with Peace of Mind.

With more and more business critical systems being placed on the net, it's now a 24/7 job to ensure that everything runs optimally, securely and without glitch at all times. We understand that you have a business to run and don't want to waste time and money managing the infrastructure. We understand that you just want 'things to work'.

Support is where we are different. We provide everything you'd expect from a hosting companies (just see the comprehensive list below) but then we go one step further. Through our Custom Escalation Procedures we can provide a very tailored, bespoke support package for you, including monitoring specific applications, running code tasks and storage housekeeping to name but a few.

The examples below show how we go the extra mile to provide a flexible, custom service for our customers, whether that's monitoring specific processes, freeing up disk space, or creating a unique and bespoke VM template so the customer can the software of their choice (rather than being dictated to by their hosting company).

Monitoring Applications & Services

One of our customers uses their server to run finance software. He asked us to notify his technician immediately (irrespective of the time of day) if the database service ever goes offline, so that the technician could manually restart the database service and a piece of software located on the server. We documented what needed to be done (the location of the software, what needs to be rstarted etc) and wrote the instructions into the alerts which, when a monitored service fails, go directly to our 24/7/365 in-house support team who can have the database back up running and the software package re-started within five minutes.

Monitoring Capacity & Storage

Another customer had a server with us that was constantly running out of disk space on the C drive due to a process they were running. When the drive ran out of space, the server would grind to a halt until sufficient space was cleared. Rather than waiting for the downtime alert to come through and only taking action then, we instead wrote a custom script that monitored disk space on their server’s C drive. When this reached 80% capacity, an alert was sent to our tech team with specific instructions on the location of the files that need to be removed and space is then freed up - all without the server going down.

Working With Third-Party Software

Our customer wanted to use his own preferred firewall software on the private cloud we were building for him. This firewall (provided by Sophos) would normally run directly on a dedicated server, but rather than refusing to allow it (as some other hosting providers would), we created a virtual machine template for his Sophos firewall software and built it into his private cloud as a virtual machine. However, Sophos firewall VM did some odd things on the Hypervisor it was running on resulting in removing routing rules that were specifically applied to the HV every time it was rebooted. Through CEP, we were able to assign our team to handle reboots of this particular VM and then to manually check and apply the relevant routing commands to the Hypervisor after it was rebooted (if required).

Support Packages

By opting for Storm, you get Managed Support as standard and at a fraction of the cost it would take to hire your own people to do this for you. By letting us take responsibility for the day-to-day running of your infrastructure and ensuring that 'things just work', your team are free to concentrate on taking your business forward, rather than becoming bogged-down in unnecessary IT issues. Our comprehensive 24/7/365 expert support allows for seamless integration with your business.

Our average response time is 10 seconds, with an average resolution delivered within 2 hours.

Our 3 levels of managed support include the features shown below, with both Premier (our most popular package) and Enterprise including our Custom Escalation Procedures.


Storm Internet Managed Hosting - Support Levels

  Managed Premier Enterprise
100% Network Uptime Guarantee
Root/Admin Level Server Access
Hardware Issue Support
Standard Network Based Security
Hard/Soft Manual Reboots
24/7/365 Ticket Based Technical Support
Initial Response Time < 1 hour < 30 mins < 15 mins
Hardware Replacement Guarantee 2 hours 1 hour 30 mins
24/7/365 LiveChat Technical Support
24/7/365 Server Uptime Monitoring
Patch Management & Security Updates
Architecture Design & Platform Maintenance
WebAccelerate™ - CDN Based Website Speed Boost Technology
SitePatrol™ - Proactive Web Site Malware Monitoring (coming soon)
DDoS Protection
Best Effort Support For 3rd-Party Applications
Performance & Security Advisory Services
Migration Support
Telephone Technical Support - Unlimited Unlimited
Key Account Manager -
On-Demand Server Health & Performance Check -
Customisable Escalation Procedures (CEP) -
Proactive URL, Port Availability & Hardware Monitoring -
Managed Data Backups & Restores -
Managed Server Security & PCI Compliance - -
Scheduled Server Health & Performance Checking - -
Monthly Security Audits - -
Dedicated Technical Support Manager - -
Application Aervice & Performance Monitoring - -
Access To Our Network Of Development & Database Experts - -
Prioritised support - -
Pro-Active Monitoring Guaranteed Response Time 30 mins 15 mins Immediate