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Storm Private Cloud - Custom Escalation Procedures

Everyone is Different. Our Difference is Flexibility.

We monitor your services and execute predetermined tasks as per your instruction. We extend your team by taking on the responsibility of internal technical tasks, elevating managed hosting to a whole new level.

How can Custom Escalation Procedures help?

Custom Escalation Procedures (CEP) eliminate that tired 3AM wake-up call. Through CEP you can provide us with specific instructions to follow at specific times, or when a specific network or server event occurs.

The examples below show how we go the extra mile to provide a flexible, custom service for our customers, whether that's monitoring specific processes, freeing up disk space, or creating a unique and bespoke VM template so the customer can the software of their choice (rather than being dictated to by their hosting company).

Monitoring Applications & Services

One of our customers uses their server to run finance software. He asked us to notify his technician immediately (irrespective of the time of day) if the database service ever goes offline, so that the technician could manually restart the database service and a piece of software located on the server.

We explained, that through CEP, there is no need to disturb his technician, we can take care of the entire process. We then sat down with our cutsomer, documented what needed to be done (the location of the software, what needs to be rstarted etc) and wrote the instructions into the alerts which, when a monitored service fails, go directly to our 24/7/365 in-house support team.

It wasn't long afterwards when our engineers received notifications that the database service was failing. In less than five minutes they had the database up running and the software package re-started. It was only when we contacted the customer to notify him what had happened that he realised his database service was down.

Monitoring Capacity & Storage

Another customer had a server with us that was constantly running out of disk space on the C drive due to a process they were running. When the drive ran out of space, the server would grind to a halt until sufficient space was cleared.

The longer-term solution was to migrate to a larger server but in the interim, our customer needed to resolve this issue. So, rather than waiting for the downtime alert to come through and only taking action then, we instead wrote a custom script that monitored disk space on their server’s C drive. When this reached 80% capacity, an alert was sent to our tech team with specific instructions on the location of the files that need to be removed and space is then freed up - all without the server going down.

Custom Escalation Procedures - In Summary

Flexibility, an open-mind and a pragmatic approach underpin our Customer Escalation Procedures. We view our team as an extension of yours, whether that's working with you to design your optimal set up or taking away the headache of having someone to monitoring and more importantly respond 365/24/7.