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VoIP Servers

VoIP Servers

Voice over IP (VoIP) is an increasingly popular communication system that offers huge savings over monthly phone bills. A VoIP server will help you to reduce the need for landline based telephone systems which in turn will help you to save money on your monthly phone bills by implementing a system that is not only more economical but can also provide you with a greater level of functionality.

A VoIP server from Storm Internet will provide you with two options for a hosted VoIP solution. The first is Asterisk which is a popular PBX telephone system employed by many large organisations to meet their internal communication needs. Whilst the second is Trixbox which is based on Asterisk but extends the feature-set that you have available. Asterisk is an open source package, so with this you will only need to pay the relevant server fee; Trixbox however is a commercial application, so you will have to pay the relevant license fee along with the relevant server fee in order to use it.

No more phone bills!

When using a traditional telephone system, you are expected to pay monthly bills based on call usage. In addition to this you will also likely need to pay a monthly line rental fee to your telephone service provider. With VoIP all these charges become redundant. With VoIP the only charge you need to pay (local broadband/network fees aside) is that of your VoIP dedicated server rental fee. That's it!

Improved Quality

VoIP often provides better quality than that of a phone call, as the sound produced is over a wider frequency range. The one thing that can affect this however is the speed of the network that the signals are transmitted over. In short, slower connections mean poorer quality. Whilst faster connections provide much better, crisp sound quality. By choosing a VoIP dedicated server from Storm Internet, you will not only be provided with a dedicated server that is hosted on a reliable and secure network. But one that is also hosted on one of the fastest. Our servers come with a 100 Mbit connection as standard and if this isn't enough, can be upgraded to a 1000 Mbit connection.

Increased Functionality

VoIP ServersVoIP provides you with many advanced features over a standard telephone system such as call queuing, routing and diverting. You can also easily implement a series of announcements that will be played to callers upon dialling certain numbers or options.

Storm Internet can provision your VoIP server with either Asterisk or Trixbox depending on what your personal preference is and what level of functionality you require. Below is a brief summary of both services:

  • Asterisk is the system for you if you are looking for a basic PBX system that can offer you the bare resources required to enable a VoIP based telephone system. It is Open Source meaning that you won't be required to pay anything extra to use the software.

  • Trixbox is based on Asterisk but takes the functionality of the PBX system further to offer you extra features to reduce the stress and time taken to manage your Asterisk installation. One of the most popular management methods for Trixbox is the web interface that will allow you to manage your installation from any computer internally or externally.

A dedicated VoIP server from Storm Internet provides you with full management and support for your VoIP system. We will install the VoIP telephone system of your choice and set up and customise your server to fully suit your business' communication model. The high level of reliability, experience plus 24/7/365 technical support cover offered by us will also guarantee you a communication system that is highly robust and unlikely to fail.