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Reliable. Fast. Secure. Scalable web server hosting.

Storm's web hosting cuts away the excess of routine tasks to help you focus on your business. Security, continuity, and disaster recovery are on us, freeing up human resources for business critical objectives. And you won't be left red-faced in front of your visitors and users - our 100% uptime guarantee literally means 24/7 availability of your sites and services with content delivery at warp speed.

No more IT issues

Storm's 360o full server management relieves you of the burden and time constraints of regular hardware maintenance, software updates and security patches. Every Storm web server comes equipped with super-fast SSD storage to further enhance content delivery times. And what's more, Storms 24/7 server monitoring service ensures the highest level of uptime possible and complete peace of mind that your website won't go offline. So more IT issues - there's the business benefit, right there.

Super-fast & Rock-solid

Multiple high-speed connections mean your server will always be up and running, whatever happens. Boost content delivery speeds and get added intelligent DDoS protection with CloudFlare. And just in case you run into a speed bump or two, we're standing by with our fantastic 24/7/365 support.

Dedicated server solutions

Your web server the way you want it. Choose between a variety of Windows and Linux operating systems and distributions. All dedicated servers come equipped with two IP addresses (more if needed) and are hosted in state-of-the-art ISO-certified data centres.

Virtual Cloud solutions

Need another production or test web server? Just point and click. Cloud Servers are almost identical to physical dedicated servers, with the exception that you can add memory, storage, and bandwidth resources on the go as and when needed. They're easy to set up with no steep learning curves. Simple pay-as-you-use pricing structures that any business can afford. Cloud servers are available in both Public and Private cloud environments.

I really need a web server for my business, but I'm afraid it's too technical. What are my options? (Show Answer)
We've made running your own web server super easy. But in case you still need a little help, get in touch with our 24/7/365 support team for quick and efficient help to setup and manage your web server.
What's the difference between public and private cloud? (Show Answer)
In a public cloud environment you share hardware resources with other "tenants". This may present a few limitations, especially if you need to run resource-intensive or high-bandwidth applications during peak traffic times. In a private cloud environment, the hardware resources are all yours to do with as you please.
Dedicated server or cloud-based VPS web servers? (Show Answer)
Dedicated servers can be more powerful than cloud-based virtual private servers. You also have more control over the hardware of your server and have no restrictions in terms of the software you install, but may require a little more expertise. On the other hand, due to differences in configurations, cloud-based servers aren't as sensitive to hardware failures. This means that, if one physical drive of a cloud-based setup fails, it can be replaced without interrupting the service.
I've got more websites and more visitors, things are slowing down. What can I do? (Show Answer)
Virtual private servers support load balancing, which essentially means you can add a parent (physical) server, and move one of your virtual servers to the new parent server to spread the processing requirements across two (or more) physical systems. The great thing about this setup is that it can either be permanent, or used only when your traffic and processing volumes spike.
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If you need a responsive company to help with your web needs, then you can do no better than to call Storm Internet. Their dedicated team will help out in the most pressing of circumstances.

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