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Our Happy Customers!

, FaWant a hosting provider that actually focus on the hosting? Want your web site up in minutes, to perform like a champion and have virtually no down time? Try Storm.

Aaron Stewart

Since switching to STORM I have had fantastic support - responsive, pertinent and inevitably very helpful across the range of windows and linux services that I use - I plan to stay with STORM!

Bruce Wynn

We've been using Storm Internet for many years now and we use them to host many of our clients websites. Technical support is amazing and the hosting for life package is excellent value for money.

James Woodmancy

Good value and competent service, uninterrupted year on year.

Dave Dalby

I'm really happy with Storm, the database driven sites all run fast on the shared hosting platform. The technical support is excellent, they always get back to me quickly and with a solution.

Val Stone

We've been with Storm Internet for several years now. Great service!

Stuart Hudson

I run websites and email for two small registered charities and find the technical offering very reliable and the customer service helpful knowledgeable and efficient. Highly recommended for not for profits with non technical users of web and email.

John Trimming, Hod Pottery

I am very pleased with this service. The reliability is excellent, the price is excellent and the sales and technical staff are friendly and helpful. I especially like the ticketing system that ensures that issues and queries are never lost and will always be answered. I consider this a demonstration that Storm are thorough, well organised and are attentive to detail.

Ewan Keppie

"STORM INTERNET - RELIABLE, CONSISTENT, SAFE and they listen to their customers, which is not the norm in this day and age

Roger Thomas

We have just moved to a different server at Storm and without the support we received we would not have achieved this.

Rowan Trimmer

Just want to say how friendly and supportive your staff are. I'm a TOTAL amateur and my site is clearly a hobby site. Yet still your staff respond and treat me as though I'm one of their best customers. They're always nice to me.

Liz Cook

I have used Storm for several years and have at this time three websites all to do with angling. I use their Linux Plus and Ultimate hosting which I have found perfect for my sites. I have a hand written site, a WordPress site and a test site, all work flawlessly. I have used Storm's help desk several time and have always found their staff very helpful. Keep up the good work Storm!

Richard Blackburn

I have two sites hosted with Storm on different platforms, one for personal use and one that is used for a swimming club. On both the availability and services for what is relatively low cost hosting has been excellent. Storm provide the response and service for these sites that I would be happy with should I be hosting a full business site. I have no hesitation in recommending Storm.

Mark Eveleigh

Storm internet has proven to be absolutely reliable over a number of years. A professional company that is efficient and not intrusive.

Jim Platt

Storm's Windows server provision has provided reliable and problem free hosting for the past couple of years. This is in stark contrast to my last provider. The fees are very reasonable, and given this I'm surprised at the speed of their technical dept. responses - much larger companies could learn a thing or two!

Tim Wright

I have used Storm Internet for three websites now, as I need reliability, appreciate good performance, and choose to rely on a UK-based service provider.

John Seeley

Good service, reliable hosting and great price for not for profits

Steven Harman

Storm Internet are a reliable and budget conscious web hosting company.

Pauline Leverett

As a fledgling web developer I was looking for a competent hosting partner who was able to offer me an all round Windows & Linux package with sufficient flexibility to grow with my business. Almost 10 years later and am I still impressed with the high quality of service, reliability and flexibility Storm offers to me as a reseller. I would recommend anybody looking either for a simple single domain solution or more complex multi-website solution to contact Storm straight away. A competent partner who gives me the reliability and flexibility I need to offer hosting services to important customers who matter.

Richard Tinkler

Most of the time I don't have to think about my web hosting service...which is how it should be. When I do have an issue it is refreshing to be able to deal with a patient team that are happy to answer and deal with my (sometimes) stupid questions.

David Foster

Fast server and quick responses from technical support are much appreciated.

John Vesey

I would highly recommend Storm Internet. They provide super fast hosting packages and excellent customer support and service, which has helped me immensely. I have recommended them to my business contacts and will continue to do so.

Edward Wilson

...keep up the superb service, best hosting company I've ever been involved with.

Neil Kelsey

We searched the UK hosting market for weeks to try to find the best deal for Windows ASP.NET hosting. We seamlessly moved to Storm after a testing period with a US host. Our clients have already commented how quick our site is and naturally we're delighted. Storm promised the best value for speed and performance and that's what we got!

Ian Hawkins, I want 2 meet you

I've had this account for a few years now and it's consistently much better than the US and European alternatives I'd previously tried. Brilliant!

Tim Rishton

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how pleased I am with the service you provide. I moved a client over from another provider - a large company who had cost a lot of money with problems and downtime and had very poor customer support. It was just the opposite with Storm Internet. I read complimentary reviews online and from the first time I phoned Storm, I knew I was on to a winner. I was given sound advice about the webhosting packages and managing the changeover and have been supported quickly and effectively ever since.

You have made everything really easy - webhosting the way it should be! I am a web developer and will definitely be registering new clients with Storm.

Victoria Brown

Just to let you know that I have been very happy with the service so far. I looked into a lot of hosting providers for my business before choosing Storm, and whilst certainly not the cheapest, I have been very happy that I have made the right choice!

Ian Woolley

Thank you very much for all your help in setting up with you. Your business approach is exemplary and I will most certainly make sure that my business colleagues are aware of how highly I regard your service.

Bob Hunter

...Storm Internet is the perfect candidate for our needs. Rest assured for any future ASP.NET projects I will be heading straight to yourselves for hosting. Keep up the good work!!

Andrew Fletcher

I have worked with large and small ISPs for more than 10 years, but I can honestly say the service you provide is first class. I have already recommended you to a number of my contacts, keep up the great work.

Mark Schnauffer

I would also like to say that we have been very pleased indeed with the hosting services we have with you. We have hosting elsewhere for other sites and have had constant hassle but your service has been great and I especially appreciate your reporting facilities.

Susan Dun

Salim and the team at Storm Internet provide a level of knowledge, support and flexibility that I simply haven't been able to find with larger hosting companies. Along with great prices, excellent performance and reliability I now need look no further for a hosting partner.

Phil Biggs

Thank you very much, all of your help and assistance has been very much appreciated, I could not wish for a better service.

Mark Robinson , Monochrome Bilss


Your customer service is as good as the reviews I've read.

Ed Nattrass, Prodesigner

Thank you very much for your continued attention and exceptional support.

Doug Pickering

I would like say to what a breath of fresh air it is to find a UK Hosting provider to be so helpful and actually give such excellent support.

Andy Simpson

I've only had my site hosted by you for a couple of months now, but all aspects of your service so far are infinitely better than my previous provider (1&1) and at less than half the price!

Keith Graham

I just like the way you communicate, it is more like asking a friend for help and advice than asking a 'help desk' to respond to an issue. It makes the process of learning 'this side' so much easier when the provider is actually in touch with customer needs and provides answers more than once if required.

Kenneth Marley

Our first hosted service, everything has been handled smoothly by the team at Storm. It seems to be pot luck finding a good supplier of these services, but it seems we struck lucky. Thanks.

Lorraine Pocklington

I have used several hosting & service providers over the years and have never been happier since using Storm Internet to host my web sites. I shall, certainly, never look back. Thank you for all your help over the past years.

Richard Clark

Having dealt with several hosting companies over the past decade, I can honestly say that you are the easiest to deal with. The responses to support requests are always sufficiently detailed to allow full understanding of issues relating to my web sites. I particularly appreciate Salim's personal attention, and his willingness to point me in the right direction when I'm getting it wrong!

Neil Coleclough, The Powertool Centre

Thanks again for another good and prompt response from the Storm Internet team. We are impressed and will continue to use Storm internet for all new customers if this level is service is maintained.

Steve Carroll

...another hassle free year supplied by yourselves. Thanks.

John Sexton

One thing that has REALLY impressed me about Storm Internet is their "can do" approach. I recently bought a SSL certificate - not something many other companies even allow or offer - but not only could I have one, Storm actively worked with me to acquire and install it. Also, Storm have pro-actively configured DNS settings to make the site/service easier to use. I've never had this level of support or assistance from any other hosting company large or small. The packages are incredible value for money. On my experiences so far, I would recommend Storm as a viable, business web site hosting company.

Ray Forster

Thank you for your continued support. You are the best hosting company I have ever dealt with.

Amged Mulla

Thank you so much for your fast and detailed reply. I have another 4 weeks to run with my present hosting company, and will be transferring to you in about 2 weeks. As you've probably guessed, I've been researching my move, and cannot find anything but good reviews for your company.

Bob Exton

Hosting with Storm Internet is easy and hassle free, which is just what you want when you're trying to run a business. A simple no-nonsense product at a good price.

Neil Selwood, HPV uk 

As a web developer, I am very impressed at the extra applications I can include to any of my sites...Overall, I am very happy. The quality, services, support and the price are the best I've come across yet. Hopefully, I can continue with Storm for many years to come.

Michael Wilkinson

The service is competitively priced, totally reliable and with speed to burn. I am a highly satisfied customer.

Mick McNeill

...I knew we were getting a good level of service from Storm but now I also know it's at a great price.

Chris Palmer

The support emails are dealt with promptly and are always very professional and useful. It is clear customer service is a high priority.

Alan Wightman

As this is my first website and designed by me alone I have been impressed with the help offered by Storm. I intend to develop the site and my services over the next year or so and feel confident that the support will continue. Thanks.

Lesley Doveton

Great, quick support, good packages, aggressive pricing and good features is why I will shortly be moving my other web sites over when the time comes.

Adam Harding

We were given your name by another shop and the service is much better and a lot cheaper.

Neil Franklin

...the one query I had when I first took out hosting from you was rapidly answered and the problem fixed. Also the features you offer for the price seem to be extremely good value.

Chris Norwood, Family Outings UK

Excellent friendly and helpful service. Thoroughly recommended.

Rodney Keat

Overall good value for money and the ability to use 3rd party tools to query databases is excellent and is why I moved from Namesco

Brian Thomson

Fast, friendly and efficient. All you could want from a web host.

Simon Kay

We have, overall, been quite happy with the service & we're especially grateful for the discounted hosting for charities.

Jalna Hanmer

I deal with lots of ISPs and Storm offers a reliable and friendly service which has encouraged me back to set up more hosting packages. Thank you!

Julia Nelson

Since moving over to your UK based servers our web presence has increased enormously!

Tony Sims

As in previous years I have nothing but praise for the service I receive from Storm Internet. You are always friendly and helpful when helping me out even when I might ask stupid questions! I never have any hesitation recommending you to other people.

Sarah Jones

If the customer service is as good as this continually, I’ve definitely made the right choice in provider.

Ben Marshall

I'm very happy with the professional, helpful and friendly service I've had over the past 2 1/2 years from Salim and the staff at Storm Internet.

Dan Coggins

Since we started using Storm Internet a couple of years ago, we’ve been 100% satisfied with their service. They’ve helped us with everything from setting up, to providing valuable info on database security. They even helped us out with a few bits of ASP code here and there. Their customer service is fantastic with quick and extremely informative replies to emails. I was a beginner setting up my own e-commerce business and they treated me with respect and courtesy all the way (even though they must have thought some of my questions were basic, to say the least!). I would fully recommend them to anyone requiring hosting. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

Chris Wilcock

...I am very impressed with the level of customer care you have provided. Keep up the good work!

Steve Kaplansky

I am highly satisfied with Storm Internet web design and hosting services. My website brought me many customers.

Milada Cogginsova Zajickova

THANK YOU! Honestly, I managed in-bound call centres before I got bored... So I can judge support with great accuracy. Your support is top class, simply the best. Please make sure that "the big man" whomsoever he is gets to read my comments. I am 100% satisfied with Storm Internet Support.

Kenny Marley

I am very pleased with the quality of services and support you have offered to both myself and my customers. I will certainly continue to recommend you and hope to do further business with you over the future years. Keep up the great work.

Richard Clark

Impressed with your quick response!

Craig Lister

Thanks for all your help...Totally Professional service.

Paul Toye

Thank you so much for that information...Your service is great!

Mike Westerlund

Easy to set up an account, and the one minor problem I experienced was quickly and efficiently corrected. The staff are knowledgeable and courteous, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Storm Internet.

Steven Overton

I found Storm very helpful and quick to respond when I moved our website over from another host. I will be moving my personal site and other sites I administer to you on renewal and have recommended your service to other people.

Steve Wood

I have found the service excellent value for money and have had no problems whatsoever in ordering/setting up our systems on our hosting plan. It has helped our business progress dramatically in a very short space of time.

Frank Stirling

Your service is very reliable enabling our clients to reach our site quickly and consistently. Uploading web pages and managing our account is also reliable and easy. The service we have received is impeccable.

Denise Witham

Many thanks for your prompt reply, it is a pleasure to see that service is not yet dead in the UK.

Stephen Riches

Thank you once again for your excellent service.

Ash Patel

Thank you very much :-) Perfect service !!

Jon Stephens

Best hosting I have found yet. Been let down by 3 companies in the past.

Lee Ardern

I really appreciate your high level of customer service.

Patrick Blasone

A big thanks for all your help you have been great in getting me set up.

Ben Cohen

I would just like to say a huge thank-you to you and your team. is now fully up and running and performing even better than I hoped for at this early stage. We already have a steady stream of internet enquiries which seems to be going up every day.

Sue Ralston

Thank you for once again for providing fantastic customer service!

Daniel James

...if only my other web provider was as much help as you.

Peter Williamson