Online Support

A 99.9% uptime guarantee still means that your site can be down for 526 minutes per year.
How much would that cost your business?

The Problem

Damaged Reputation

Online systems aren't limited to public-facing sites. More and more businesses are moving internal computing resources to the cloud to cut IT costs and boost mobility. Unmet deadlines and communication loss can shake prospect and client trust. Downtime has a crushing effect that can be felt to the core of your business.

Loss of Revenue

Downtime can be fatal when your business relies on a website or other online system. But it doesn’t just affect your online sales – brand reputation and marketing campaigns can also suffer serious knocks. The result, according to studies, is an average loss of £430 to £258,000 per hour – depending on the size of your organisation.

Loss of Productivity

When employees are unable to work due to downtime-related issues, their focus is diverted away from business-critical objectives. Projects can slip, deadlines get missed and overall productivity suffers. UK-based SMEs lose roughly 545 hours of productivity annually due to downtime, which translates into roughly £7,235 per employee annually. Your downtime also affects the productivity of your customers – who will they turn to when you can’t be reached?

Damage to Rankings

Down once or twice? Even the big guys stumble every now and then. But repeated outages are noticed and remembered, with your search engine rankings (closely followed by revenue) a likely victim. It will take time, money, and other resources to regain your pre-downtime position, and even more to get back on the growth path.

The Solution - How Storm keeps your business online

Focused on your wellbeing

Other hosts might send out a notification when your site is down. We’ll go the extra mile and add your sites and servers to the Storm monitoring framework. Unexpected downtime generates an alert to our 24/7/365 stellar support team who’ll quickly work their behind-the-scenes magic to get your site or server back online. Quick thinking, fast acting assistance like this slashes the potential for disruption, and keeps essential resources focused. It also maintains your online and real-world reputation.

We’ll keep watch, 24/7/365

We believe in being "proactive" as opposed to "reactive". Storm’s network analysts keep a vigilant eye on every inch of the Storm network, all day every day - focusing on 100% uptime. Network traffic and server loads are analysed in detail to detect threatening spikes and other anomalies which could result in downtime. Rapid-fire response resolves issues before they become problems to deliver unshakeable continuity and consistent performance.

Liberate your technical teams

Storm’s Custom Escalation Procedures (CEPs) lightens the workload of your internal teams by extending your business into ours. They allow you to give us specific custom instructions that you want us to carry out in the event of something happening. So for example, you could instruct us to restart a software package should your database service fail. Should that then happen at say 03:00am, you can be pleasantly surprised when we notify you that both the database service and software package were successfully restarted without any notable disruption to your online services – and without any of your own team needing to get involved. The perfect business continuity plan. 

Enjoy more end-user confidence

The Storm Security Centre simplifies online continuity with security, reporting, and compliance features in a single intuitive interface. Every added site and server enjoys additional DDoS and WAF protection, as well as a surge in performance. And because your sites and servers are added to CloudFlare’s global CDN, you’ll always be online everywhere in the world.

Michael Saracevas - CoolMilk

We need a website that is up and running at all times, and Storm delivers. They go the extra mile.

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