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Service Level Agreement

This Storm Internet Limited Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) applies to all dedicated servers. Storm Internet Limited may amend this SLA at any time. Please refer back to this page as often as possible for the latest SLA.

1. Fully Managed Servers

1.1. Managed Service
1.1.1. Server Port Monitoring is defined as the dedicated server participation in the monitoring of services via standard TCP/IP ports. Server Port Monitoring is performed every five minutes and a failure is defined immediately after a monitor trips for the second time in succession. In the event of a failure if no communication is made with the Storm Internet Technical Support Department standard procedures to investigate the cause of the fault and resolve will be carried out unless you have informed us otherwise. This number of ports and services monitored is determined by the Server Management support level you have opted for.

1.1.2. Standard Network Based Security is defined as the overall core network security that Storm Internet Limited provides to every customer. This security is provided on the network level and includes secure router configurations, frequent network scans, and overall knowledge of maintaining a secure network. This service does not imply any server-based security, firewalls, DDOS/Attack protection on the server level, or Anti-Virus/Spyware based protection.

1.1.3. 24/7/365 Technical Support is defined as having direct access to our technical support team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. All support provided is free of charge pending the server task that is being requested takes less than 20 minutes. All support requests that take greater than 20 minutes are considered a portion of your advanced support hours. If these hours exceed your monthly allocation, additional advanced support is billed at £30.00 per hour with a £15.00 minimum charge. All billable tasks performed require prior approval from client with proper authentication.

1.1.4. Hard/Soft Manual Reboots in 10 Minutes or less is defined as your request being processed in 10 minutes or less for server reboot requests. The Storm Internet Limited Support Team prefers the soft/hard reboot system as it preserves overall integrity of hardware and operating systems. The 10-minute turnaround time is defined as the time you place the request until the power or reboot command is issued. In some cases additional time is required by operating system software to perform necessary functions on the server. Best effort is made to expedite server reboots as quickly as possible.

1.1.5. Auto O/S updates and patches is defined as automatic operating system updates and patches as part of our routine procedures. This will be a part of a continuous maintenance period of updates that take place regularly. As new kernels, security patches, service packs, and hot fixes are released the servers will be updated automatically. Notification of updates is provided when they occur, and prior-notifications are dispatched whenever applicable.

1.1.6. On-Demand Server Health Check is defined as a customer initiated request to review the overall health of the server. This can and may include review of memory usage, processor usage, disk space, and general configuration of the server. Server Health Checks allow a seasoned engineer to review the overall health of the server and provides you with a professional evaluation and recommendations (if any) for improving your server’s health & efficiency.

1.1.7. Advanced Support is defined as advanced technical support for dedicated servers. This support can be used for any number of support services and includes server troubleshooting, software configuration, OS configuration, OS reinstalls, security auditing, resource management and any task that does not fall under the “free support” provided with the server as described in section 1.1.3. Depending on the Support package you select, various levels of Advanced Support time is provided.

1.1.8. Hardware Based Firewall Protection is defined as the inclusion of a hardware based firewall for protecting your server. Firewalls increase security and, when properly configured, will prevent certain disasters from occurring. With this service our administrators will configure and maintain a firewalled routing perimeter for the server in question. This service is per request at additional pricing.

1.2. Storm Internet Network is defined as the equipment, software, and facilities within the Storm Internet Limited critical network segments, including Storm Internet Limited contracted connectivity services to which the Storm Internet Limited hosting environments are connected and are collectively utilized by Storm Internet Limited to provide dedicated services.

1.3. Service Availability is the total time in a calendar month that the Storm Internet Limited critical network segments are available through the Internet, provided that Client has established connectivity. Storm Internet Limited takes responsibility for the Service Availability within its immediate routing perimeters, and cannot be held liable for problems directly related to an upstream bandwidth provider. The Storm Internet Limited critical hosting environments will be available to clients free of complete (minor latency notwithstanding) environment-wide outages for 100% of the time in any given month.

1.4. Service Downtime is any unplanned interruption in Service Availability during which the Client is unable to access the services as described in preceding section 1.3, provided the interruption is determined to have been caused by a problem in the immediate Storm Internet Limited network segment as confirmed by Storm Internet Limited. Service Downtime is measured as the total length of time of the unplanned interruption (complete network outage) in Service Availability during a calendar month. Storm Internet Limited provides direct support and expertise in any software it directly provides, while any unplanned outages due to third-party software failure are the direct responsibility of the software publisher/third-party provider, not Storm Internet Limited.

1.5. Scheduled Service Downtime is any Storm Internet Limited interruption of Services. Scheduled Service Downtime occurs during a Storm Internet Limited standard server maintenance window, which occurs in conjunction with a 24 hour notice to the Client via electronic communication. Said downtime is coordinated with the Client to the best of Storm Internet Limited’s abilities as to align the window of maintenance with the Client’s explicit wishes.

1.6. 100% Network Uptime Guarantee. Performance Credit occurs when 100% network uptime is not met. Storm Internet Limited will refund the customer one day’s service for every single hour the customer’s server is without connectivity (up to one month of customer’s monthly fee). Network downtime is measured from the time a trouble ticket is opened by a customer to the time the server is once again able to transmit and receive data.

1.7. Monitoring is the service Storm Internet Limited provides in order to analyze availability of TCP/IP based services and applications through its internal monitoring system. To participate in this, Storm Internet Limited must have valid, administrative access to repair the server in the event of a service or operating system failure.

1.8. Price freeze Guarantee. Storm Internet Limited will not increase the price you pay during the term of your contract, even if the price to new customers changes.

1.9. Bandwidth Guarantee. Storm Internet Limited will always maintain sufficient network bandwidth to service all customers at full capacity, even if one of our internet connections fails.

2. Service Downtime Performance Credit

2.1. In the event of Service Downtime in which monthly Service Availability is less than 100%, Client will receive a Performance Credit as described in section 1.6 of this document.

3. Service Exclusions

3.1. This SLA does not cover Service Downtime caused by problems in the following:

Any interruptions, delays or failures caused by Client or Client’s employees, agents, or subcontractors, such as, but not limited to, the following:


4. Server Hardware for Dedicated Servers

4.1. Hardware is defined as the Processor(s), RAM, hard disk(s), motherboard, NIC card and other related hardware included under the server lease. This guarantee excludes the time required to rebuild a RAID array.

4.2. Two Hour Hardware Replacement Guarantee applies to servers less than 24 months in production. Hardware Replacement will occur within two hours of the reported problem, Storm Internet Limited will refund 5% of the monthly fee per additional one hour of down time (up to 100% of customer’s monthly fee).

4.3. Restoration is defined as returning the server to its original configuration, as per the date the server first went live on the network. If hardware failure causes corrupted operating system, data files, or damaged service configurations, Storm Internet Limited will restore the system to its original state however possible.

4.4. Storm Internet Limited is not responsible for the restoration of data to server. If hardware failure is experienced and subsequent data loss occurs, client is ultimately responsible for data restoration. Storm Internet Limited shall not be liable for loss of data under any circumstances.

4.5. Storm Internet Limited will respond promptly to security threats relating to pre-installed software by applying the relevant patch or taking other action.

4.6. Storm Internet Limited does not take responsibility for the overall security of servers. If servers are compromised in any way, Storm Internet Limited reserves the right to immediately audit the server. Certain levels of our support service provide monthly security auditing, per request, as part of our overall Server managed services program but security is the responsibility of the client. Storm Internet Limited reserves the right to cancel service if servers are compromised via the implementation of weak password schemes, elderly backend application content and scripting, or via other blatant disregard to simple security measures. A fee of £30.00 per hour will be incurred in respect to any security related work performed due to any such server being compromised by negligence on the part of the server owner.

4.7. Server Migration:- If a customer wishes to migrate from one dedicated server to another dedicated server, they would have to go through the 30 (thirty) day notice period for the old server also. The old server would have to be cancelled & a new server order would have to be placed. Data migration would commence only after both the formalities have been completed. There would be no charges for migration of data when it has to be done from one server on Storm Internet Limited’s network to another server within the same network. Customer charges are applicable for data to be moved into Storm Internet Limited’s servers. Charges would be applicable on a per case basis.

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