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Interested in working for a growing technology company with lots of passion, energy and excitement? We're one of the UK's fastest growing managed hosting companies but still offer the opportunity for our employees to make a real impact.

At Storm we have a simple strategy - we recruit the smartest most passionate people we can find. We value simplicity, efficiency and smart working. We place great emphasis on maintaining a transparent, apolitical and intellectually honest environment where everyone's opinion is respected and where people's contributions are acknowledged and rewarded. So, if you're prepared to work hard to help us deliver the best solutions and services to our customers, then we want to hear from you.

Who we hire

We're passionate about innovation – taking enterprise ideas and making them available to all businesses, no matter their size. Sure, we're a tech company, but in the end Storm is about people – developing new solutions to help our customers do more and do better with less worry. Storm people are people who go the extra mile to solve other peoples' IT problems, who embrace innovation when it comes to the ways established tech can be applied.

In return for your hard work, we'll take care of you. We have some great benefits and career progression opportunities for our hardworking Storm team members, because when you give your best, you'll get the best in return.

Where we are

Our offices are set in lush countryside on the outskirts of Oxford, giving you the opportunity to trade a daily commute of traffic jams and crowded public transport for a pain free scenic journey. But just in case you need to pop into town, Witney is just 10 minutes away.