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We tailor our approach to your business, becoming your hosting partner for growth. Over 15 years of experience positions us to support you as an extension of your team, providing expert technical guidance on hosting across your whole business, from assisting with pitching to new clients, architecting solutions and providing 24/7 support for your clients and applications. Partners also benefit from referral commission and low partner prices.

Membership Levels

Storm Partner

This is our standard partner tier for new and existing partners. Ideal for Agencies, SaaS providers, Software developers and IT consultants of all sizes. All we ask is that you can articulate the Storm Internet proposition and are keen to work with us.

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Platinum Partner

You qualify as a Platinum Partner when your referrals or clients spend a combined £2,000 or more with Storm Internet every month. Get discounts up to 20%, first pick of job referrals, plenty of premium benefits, and an invitation to Storm’s annual Platinum Party!

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We collaborate closely with agencies to help promote growth. Taking a partnered approach, we’re available to join your teams on sales calls with prospects to address questions on hosting architecture, ISO certification, 24/7 support cover and other common pain point queries agencies face when positioning hosting. A strategic partnership geared to helping you open doors and win new business opportunities.

SaaS Providers & Software Developers

We collaborate closely with developers to deliver a bespoke system that promotes growth. Our true 24/7 support transforms us into your virtual dev ops team – a strategic partnership that allows you to concentrate on development and deliver premium support to your customers. This, in turn, helps you to open doors to new business opportunities.

IT Consultants

We make it easier for IT consultants to find all the solutions they need under one roof, even if it means creating something from scratch. They also know they can count on us to provide the support their clients need to move forward. With Storm Internet our partners get premium ‘everything’ at affordable price points that makes turning a profit easier.

Why partner with Storm

Extend your team

Partnering with Storm means you immediately have access to our Cloud experts who act as an extension of your own team. We can join you on sales calls with prospects to architect bespoke solutions, answer hosting related questions and alleviate pain points. We also provide expertise on Cloud security, networking, AWS, Azure, best practises and more. Simply put, with Storm you have decades of Cloud expertise and knowledge available on tap.

Win more business

Website monitoring, cloud security, application patching are all common areas of concern agencies and developers often face when putting forward proposals to their prospects. With Storm you have an ISO 9001 and 27001 certified, multi-award winning partner in your corner to convincingly address these concerns to your potential clients. Acting as your effective go-to for anything hosting related, we’ll do all we can to assist our partners seal the deal and win more business.

Generate more profit

Once accepted as a partner, you’ll immediately get a 10% discount off our server list pricing. Rising to 20% as a Platinum partner. Mark prices up to your end users as part of a white label service and increase your profits further. Or simply refer clients over to us and receive up to 2 x the contracted Monthly Reoccurring Revenue (MRR) for every single referral. Partnering with Storm means you can add cutting-edge Cloud Hosting solutions and expertise to your portfolio and immediately benefit from a profitable new revenue stream.

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