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WordPress Encryption finally turned on for all websites

WordPress Encryption finally turned on for all websites

Encryption of websites for security is significant in order to prevent them from phishing, etc., but the cost for acquiring these encryptions has been quite high. However, WordPress has recently planned for launching their HTTPS encryptions on all its websites. This will enable them to be part of a secure network for better functioning. As per the firm, if a user has a blog or a custom domain through, then the https will automatically be turned on at the URL bar where the domain name is shown. A green lock thumbnail will also be displayed as seen in various encrypted websites.

Custom domain names offered by WordPress had previously lacked HTTPS. Even other social service providers like Twitter and Facebook (which came out later) have supported encryptions. Nonetheless, WordPress supported encryptions since the year 2014, but it was mostly limited to subdomains. Other WordPress websites were not supporting these security enhancements, which is why the firm has decided to upgrade their websites for better services.

Surely, this is not an easy task as the certification needed for the encryptions is hard to get. Developers have to code everything properly in order to make the websites safer. Using the services of the CMS platforms like WordPress are mostly open source, which is why there is a risk of hacking. Moreover, SSL certification is costly so not everyone is able to buy the subscription. WordPress has now come up with the ‘Let’s Encrypt’ project, which will offer cheap and easy HTTPS implementation all over the web. SSL certificates will be displayed with the signature green lock as seen in various other secured websites.

What is the need for SSL certification?

Security is just one of the reasons for the use of encryption certification. Users should also understand that there are certain qualities in a website, which make them more approachable. HTTPS certifications are one of them. People generally avoid visiting unsafe websites. Even Google tends to display websites with proper certifications more often (exceptions are there for popular websites though). This will also increase the rank of the user’s website.

Now a question pops up in the mind – how can HTTPS be activated? Well, there is no need to do anything to activate these encryptions. WordPress will automatically enable these for their domain websites to let users experience the best of services by them. Google has also helped WordPress with the AMP coding that will let mobile pages load faster. Encryptions in the mobile pages usually slow down the loading speeds but with the AMP codes, the speeds will be better.

WordPress has been around for many years now and it has been providing its high-end CMS platform for open source websites. Small as well as large scale companies are all using this service for their millions of viewers. Now you can keep your WordPress website protected with the help of HTTPS encryptions as well. WordPress domains and subdomains will all be protected with the help of these services.

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