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As your cloud hosting partner, we take care of your data Security, Availability and Backups so that you don't have to...

What makes us different?

Managing your cloud solution can be tough. Sometimes you'll know exactly what to do when things don't go as planned, and sometimes you'll need a little help. At Storm we know that support is at the core of your digital journey. We know that there's comfort in assistance that's always there when you need it, always friendly, and that fits in perfectly with your goals.

The personalisation built into your hosted services extends to the 24/7/365 support we deliver. This means we know who you are and why you host with us. And it means we're always on call as an extension of your business – one that's familiar, efficient, and always ready to take on the technical burden so that you can focus on mission-critical progress.

We also know that support is most needed when everything's going well. That's why we're always monitoring your hosted services to detect and protect against existing and emerging threats. You'll always be safe. We keep an eye on your infrastructure and the software services you depend on, and proactively resolve anomalies that could cause interruptions. You'll always be online. And we'll check that your backups run, verify them, and store them safely in our secure data centres. You'll always be prepared.

These three guarantees underpinned with uncompromising customer service are at the heart of everything we do and every solution we provide.

Managed Hosting at a whole new level

  Critical service continuity
We'll add your mission-critical services to our watch list. Failed services are immediately investigated and restarted without any intervention from you.
  Proactive uptime maintenance
Your entire solution is proactively maintained to eliminate any disruptive anomalies and deliver uninterrupted uptime.
  Persistent threat mitigation
We'll actively maintain your service to PCI-compliant security. This includes persistent threat detected and mitigation.
  Software updates & patches
We assume responsibility of OS updates and security patches. We'll also support updates to 3rd party software packages.
  Recovery ready backups
We'll create backups of your entire account from the moment you sign up. On-demand restores are available in minutes.
  A Personalised Service
We're with you for the long haul from the moment you sign up. Share your ideas and goals, and we'll work with you to make them happen – even if we have to invent new solutions or bend the rules.
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Client success stories...

Whatever challenges you throw at them, Storm is always up to the task. Having them onboard is like having a complete tech team on duty 24/7

David Allaway - Mandon Software | Read more

Award Winning - 7 times winner at the UK Internet Industry Awards!

Over the past six years we've proven 7 times that great hosting isn't about cutting-edge technology and great sales pitches. Instead, it's about a fundamental desire to empower our clients - to be the best they can be.

So when we receive awards, such as the prestigious UK Internet Service Providers' Association (ISPA) Awards, we do so on behalf of our clients. Only by extending their businesses into our own can we become better ourselves - good enough, at least, to make a difference.


Bob Baker - Signum International

The Storm guys rectified any issues quickly and without needing any prompting from us. Being able to contact the MD is a real bonus, it's good to know that you have the right person's ear for what is critical to us.

Bob Baker - Signum International | Read more