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Storm Private Cloud or a Dedicated Server?

We recently wrote an article explaining a bit about the Storm Private Cloud. In this article we will explain the difference between the private cloud and a dedicated server and what your options are when it comes to your own business’s needs?

So what is the Private Cloud?

The private cloud is almost like having your own data centre but without the need for the hardware. It is accessible over the internet, just like a public cloud but has more flexibility in that it can offer individual servers for each customer, rather than shared space.  All your business data can be saved to the private cloud which can be scaled up and down depending on your needs. And costs can be kept low because you only pay for what you need. 

What is a Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server is a type of internet hosting service where the client leases an entire physical server, rather than sharing with someone else. 

The business has full control over the server they’re leasing. 

A dedicated server is usually needed for a website that generates a lot of traffic or businesses with large data platforms.  It can be configured and also operated remotely from the client company.

What are the differences?

Flexibility and Scalability

Both the Storm Private Cloud and the dedicated servers can be updgraded to suit. The major differences are cost and speed. Upgrading the cloud can be done in just a few clicks and because it’s all online the costs are considerably less.

Technical support

Absolutely! Storm Internet offers technical support for all our services.

Get online quicker

With a cloud server you can be online within a matter of minutes. With a dedicated server it can take longer, depending on the needs and size of the server your business needs.


We pride ourselves on our multi-layered security and expert know-how to keep your website and data safe.

Operating system

Choose from more than 20 Windows and Linux operating systems for your virtual machines to create the operating environment your applications and services need for optimal performance. Storm Private Cloud lets you create multiple VMs instantly - each configured with your OS of choice.


Storm Private Cloud comes equipped with failover technology. This means that should a hardware component within the cloud fail another will take its place without any interruption to the service, keeping you going 24/7.

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So what is best for your business? If you'd like to discuss more you can contact Storm by clicking here or calling us on 0800 817 4727. We've been providing ultra fast, secure web hosting services since 2004 and know a thing or two about optimising servers and sites for speed