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New Safari Browser update focuses on Web developers – Says Apple | Storm Internet

New Safari Browser update focuses on Web developers – Says Apple | Storm Internet

Web development platform at Apple is soon to see a revamp when it comes to their Safari browser. A new version for the browser has been launched, which will feature a layout for web developers in particular. This new version, which is known as Safari Technology Preview, will enable developers to witness the latest web-based technologies associated with iOS and OS X.

Various designs, visual effects, developer tools and other intuitive updates will all be provided first hand in this new version of Safari. Apple wants the developers to be freer in researching about their technology when it comes to the web world. So, the use of Safari Technology Preview will enable developers to experiment with the technology and offer their views to the company for further improvements wherever required.

Albeit, Apple has been running WebKit, its open source-based browser platform in almost all of its Safari running devices. But, WebKit is a comprehensive engine and require more efforts to get access to updates. With the addition of the new Safari update, the developers will have periodic updates through the App Store so that it gets hassle free and more prone to open source.

Besides this, Apple is also offering developers with the newest versions of Responsive Design mode and Web Inspector for quickly working on building websites on mobile and desktop platforms. Safari Technology Preview also surpasses Nightly Build’s WebKit by offering synchronization with iCloud as well as easy accessibility can now be witnessed with this new version of the open source browser engine. Plus, Safari preview will not hinder the browser version of Safari either. To differentiate the two, Apple offers a purple icon for the preview version.

Other notable features to be seen in the device are:

  • ECMAScript 6: This latest version of the JavaScript will let developers work with object-oriented aspects in the JavaScript codes and iterators. Developers will also be able to use this with new APIs.
  • B3 JIT JavaScript Compiler: This new version of the Compiler will optimize the speeds for compilation as well as impressive performance.
  • New IndexedDB Implementation: IndexedDB has been aiding developers in storing data in proper structures for easy access. Developers had previously asked for a better version to access the client data quicker. For that, Apple has upgraded this implementation system with better stability and standards.
  • Shadow DOM: Ease of building large-scale web applications has been possible with Shadow DOM. This is possible due to the spreading of layouts on the webpage itself to interact with the applications much easily. WebKit was the first engine to support this feature, and now the Safari Preview will feature it as well.
  • Cut and copy to clipboard features will also be enabled with level 2 in content security policy.

This certainly does not mean that the preview version of Safari is restricted to developers. Anyone can get it without registering even as an Apple developer. Being the latest web browser engine from Apple, this would be a great choice to try out the latest services by the company for sure.

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