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Evolving Digital Landscape? Storm Security Centre

Storm’s Security Centre adapts as your digital landscape evolves, keeping you on the cutting edge from a single centralised location. It takes care of all the heavy lifting for painless hosting security, disaster recovery, and GDPR compliance - saving you up to £860/month in expert fees.

Introducing The New Storm Security Centre

  • Protection for sites, servers and hosted apps in just a few clicks
  • Simplified ICO and GDPR compliance
  • Automatic security audits & alerts
  • Centralised access to critical security features

You’ll Always Be Up and Running with Storm

Storm’s new Security Centre provides an intelligent 360° approach to security. Real-time site audits display the security configuration and status of each site on the dashboard which provides single-click access to feature configuration options.
The technology behind the security centre is automatically updated to help protect against new and evolving online threats, and ensure continuous compliance with changing online security and data protection legislation.

How It Works

Real-time site and server audits check the status and configuration of recommended features that can improve your site’s security, uptime and speed, disaster recovery strategy, and compliance.

The Security Centre’s dashboard is divided into three sections, each with an overall score at the bottom. Enable and configure features and services to improve your scores.


The Security Dashboard’s security options makes it easier to remain protected against online threats and attacks. Security features have been selected and designed in accordance with best practice guidelines such as the National Cyber Security Centre's "10 steps to Cyber Security" , and other recommendations made by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

Business Continuity & Performance

Storm extends your business with a 24/7/365 in-house support team that proactively monitors ports and services on your sites and servers for anomalies that could impact connectivity and performance. Outages are addressed as soon as they occur without need for intervention on your part, while Custom Actions elevates your Managed Hosting to a whole new level: tell the Storm Support Team which actions to perform at predetermined times or events for seamless operational continuity.

Disaster Recovery

System-wide daily, weekly, and monthly backups are managed and verified by qualified Storm engineers. Backups can be restored from within the security centre in just a few clicks, and help protect against data loss - whatever the cause. All information and backups are encrypted using AES-256 encryption technology.

Automatic Security Notifications

If a feature is found to be inactive, out-of-date, or configured incorrectly, a status change will appear on the dashboard and you’ll be notified via email. One of our support technicians may also contact you to provide assistance should the status of a priority feature remain critical.

Complete Security History

The Security Centre’s Vulnerability Scan (PCI Compliant) provides an Audit Trail of your site or server security configuration history. In the event of a breach, this downloadable PDF document can be used to provide ICO auditors and other compliance officers with proof that your site or server was secured to PCI Council standards. As a result you’ll be able to reduce the potential for reputational damage and crippling penalties.

Serious About Compliance

The Security Centre makes it easy to meet best practice guidelines such as the National Cyber Security Centre "10 steps to Cyber Security", and helps you stay on top of General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) data protection requirements. These features are the result of months of research and the implementation of expert knowledge to help you save time and money, and avoid the unfortunate and sometimes expensive results of non-compliance or insufficient site security.