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SaaS Hosting

SaaS and application hosting that drives cost efficiency without compromising performance and reliability

With Storm's high-performance fully-managed cloud development environments you're set for distraction-free SaaS and application hosting designed to eliminate time-consuming and routine tasks:

  • Slash self-hosting upfront infrastructure costs
  • Hardware maintenance and server security is on us
  • Point-and-click resource scaling simplifies server management
  • Eliminate development bottlenecks with instant virtual server setup
  • Easy load balancing with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface
  • Go mobile! Access your apps from anywhere on any compatible device

Private Cloud

Enjoy more control and security in a single-tenant cloud environment purpose-built for scalability and efficiency. Instant virtualisation, resource scaling, and load balancing creates an ideal environment for SaaS and application development.

Public Cloud

Innovate faster while cutting down on IT costs. Storm's public cloud environment delivers scalability and affordability to accommodate the growing demands of SaaS and application development start-ups.

Fully Managed

Our cloud engineers will manage your infrastructure, take care of OS patches, upgrades, and keep a watchful eye on your security, 24/7. Less focus on the daily management of your application environment and more on mission-critical objectives helps your developers do what you pay them to do.

Comprehensive SLAs

Enhance your Storm SaaS or application hosting with packaged or tailor-made SLAs that extend your business into ours. Storm becomes a part of your team, performing tasks and instructions that lighten the load on your in-house developers and support teams.

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Is my data safe? (Show Answer)
Every Storm server is set up according to stringent security protocols. Regular maintenance, OS updates, security patches, ironclad data encryption, and continuous vulnerability detection complements multi-layer security which reaches from our Tier 4 data centres right through to continuous threat detection and analysis with the aid of state-of-the-art hardware and software firewalls manned by qualified security personnel. So, in a word, Yes.
Who owns my data? (Show Answer)
You do.
What about data centre down time? (Show Answer)
We've taken every precaution to deliver a 100% network uptime guarantee. Multiple data centres, redundant server hardware, and multiple tier 1 connections to the internet helps us make good on our word.
Michael Saracevas - CoolMilk

We need a website that is up and running at all times, and Storm delivers. They go the extra mile.

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