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Threat Monitoring

Zero-compromise threat monitoring and response

Network-wide advanced threat monitoring protects your online sites and servers the moment you sign up with Storm. Additional server-based agents add another layer of hyper-vigilance to solidify your online continuity. Storm's 24/7/365 security team delivers rapid threat response to mitigate potential threats and breaches.

Threat monitoring

The collective intelligence of more than 10,000,000 websites filters your traffic 24/7 to weed out malicious traffic and online attacks. New threats are added to the list as they are discovered, keeping your online protection cutting-edge, and your data and visitors safe.

Server protection

All Storm servers are secured from the ground up, with over 45,000 pre-deployment security checks. Once deployed, every Storm server is audited daily and scanned for viruses, spam, HTTP-intrusion, and more. Regular updates and patches deliver effective OS-based protection.

Proactive response

Storm's razor-sharp team of security analysts deliver 24/7 eagle-eyed vigilance in addition to hardware and software firewalls, and an intelligent network-wide Web Application Firewall (WAF). Anomalies are addressed as soon as they are detected for your hosting peace of mind.


Storm's proactive threat monitoring is a key element of PCI-DSS certification and promotes compliance with the ICO framework. Use the Web Application Firewall (WAF) in the Storm Security & Performance centre for additional site-specific traffic filtering and monitoring features.

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