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DNS Management

Full DNS control at your fingertips

Use the intuitive, intelligent design of the powerful DNS control panel for simplified control of your domains' records. Easily add, remove, and manage online real estate in a secure online environment, with live assistance just a few clicks away.

Attack Protection

DNS Servers are an attractive target for attack as successfully taking one down can take out thousands of web sites all in one go. Hand over the management of your DNS Server to Storm and free yourself from the worry and disturbance posed by this threat. Storm's security centre tackles any threats head on, keeping your DNS system safe from hacks and breaches.

Full DNS management

Storm's DNS control panel includes easy-to-understand instructions, definitions, and examples to simplify complete DNS management. Add or remove domains and subdomains, or create aliases and redirects. Use the zone editor for more nuanced control of your name server records.

Use any browser

Storm's DNS management interface is platform-independent and can work in any web browser already installed on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Managing DNS from anywhere is easy and straightforward.

We'll do it for you

You're a pro at what you do – feel free to leave DNS management to us. Log into your Storm account and easily create a ticket with your DNS requests or questions. Fast response times and rapid action by Storm's award winning 24/7/365 support team helps you move forward faster.

Call us on 0800 817 4727 or 
What is DNS? (Show Answer)
DNS is an acronym for Domain Name System, and works like a directory or phone book. Like names in a normal phone book, your domain has an address for each of its features which tells other servers on the internet where to send your email, or where to find your website.
How long before DNS changes take effect? (Show Answer)
All DNS changes are synchronised with our master database in seconds, and picked up by other DNS servers over a period of 24 hours. Realistically, however, the changes you make will start reflecting across the internet within a few minutes.
When can I start making changes to my domain's DNS records? (Show Answer)
You can start making DNS changes as soon as your Storm account is active. Remember that changes can only be made to domains to which you have ownership rights or full access.
Can I add a domain, even if I'm hosting the website or email somewhere else? (Show Answer)
Can you help me move my domain to Storm? (Show Answer)
Storm's 24/7 migration team is standing by to take charge of your move to Storm. We'll take care of the technical details and ensure everything is running smoothly before the final transition.
Bob Baker - Signum International

The Storm guys rectified any issues quickly and without needing any prompting from us. Being able to contact the MD is a real bonus, it's good to know that you have the right person's ear for what is critical to us.

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