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Migration Services

Get a dedicated team to streamline your move to Storm.

Site migration shouldn't interrupt your workflow or increase your stress levels. With a dedicated Storm migration team, we'll help you plan and execute your move to Storm. No data loss, service interruptions, or downtime. We'll even throw in a comprehensive security audit and recommendations for failsafe online peace of mind. And it's free.

Stratigic planning - 100% Uptime, Zero Risk

We'll treat your information like we treat our own. There's no winging it or leaving things up to chance. Every step of the migration process is meticulously planned to slash the risk of data loss, corruption, or service interruption to zero.

Migration Integrity & Data Verification

Hit the ground running when you make your move to Storm. Our dedicated migration team includes developers, database specialists, and network engineers who'll verify your data and test every script to eliminate any potential speed bumps ahead.

24/7 Expert Availability

We've handpicked every member of the Storm dedicated migration team. They're pretty awesome, available 24/7, and will integrate seamlessly with your in-house teams to deliver a smooth and worry-free transition to Storm.

Migrate Anything

Domains, email, website, ecommerce sites, duplicating entire networks in the cloud... Anything. And once your domain or website or entire cloud-based network is up and running, we'll run it through Storm's security portal to provide even better protection against online threats, ensure rock-solid continuity, and help mitigate the unexpected with a variety of backup solutions.

Why move to Storm? (Show Answer)
Your real-world business is important to us. When you grow, we succeed. That's why we're focused on keeping you safe, creating the platforms and tools you need for sustainable growth, and developing backup measures which will get you back on track should disaster strike.
What do I get when I move to Storm? (Show Answer)
You get the extra mile, which includes awesome 24/7/365 support. But the extra mile also includes the Storm Security Centre which takes care of all the heavy lifting to deliver effortless hosting security, disaster recovery, and GDPR compliance - saving you up to £860/month in expert fees.
Are there any contracts? (Show Answer)
Yes. Storm's contracts offer dramatic cost savings to slash your IT spend. No tricky fine print or hidden costs. Available options include monthly, 12 month, 24 month and 36 month terms.
What kind of support can I expect? (Show Answer)
All day, every day. 24/7/365 support also means that we're proactively monitoring the network for any potential anomalies to eliminate before they become issues. Support contracts are available through various SLAs. These SLAs include custom escalation procedures which essentially means our support team becomes an extension of your business. With White-Label Support we provide support to the end-users of partner program members. Yep, we're big on support.
Bob Baker - Signum International

The Storm guys rectified any issues quickly and without needing any prompting from us. Being able to contact the MD is a real bonus, it's good to know that you have the right person's ear for what is critical to us.

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