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How a Private Server Can Keep You Safe Online

How a Private Server Can Keep You Safe Online

Everyone wants to keep their computers and network safe but, with all the recent hacks such as WannaCrypt, EternalBlue, and the Dolby Audio Driver exploit; it is more important than ever to keep safe. In the business world, safe means keeping your customers and employees information protected from hackers or other non-approved third parties.

The best way to keep safe is to use a Virtual Private Server. A Virtual Private Server lets you run computer operating systems in the cloud so you lose all the vulnerabilities that most current hacks take advantage of. Take for instance WannaCrypt, it uses your computers network card to infect the other computers on your network. What will the virus infect if you do not have a network card for it to use? The answer is it will not be able to do anything.

Hardware exploits are the hardest to defend against and the hardest to get rid of. Since manufactures have limited means of updating hardware an exploit is usually permanent until the physical component is replaced. That is the magic of a Virtual Private Server, it is entirely software based so, even hardware exploits can easy be patched in real time in the background. That is assuming the exploit will even work at all without the physical hardware.

At the end of the day, keeping safe online and protecting your people is the most important thing for your business. The last thing you want is to have your customers information stolen and have to do damage control. If you have any questions about Virtual Private Networks, the Storm Internet team is ready to answer them and get you setup.

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