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Google Introduces Polymer Toolbox for Web Apps

Google Introduces Polymer Toolbox for Web Apps

Setting an emphasis on the progressing web technology, Google introduces the Polymer Toolbox for creating native-level web apps with Google’s own Polymer library. Google is one of the top flourishing companies in the web world. Keeping up such a reputation involves the use of an approach that benefits users and developers with the latest technology present on the digital platform.

The toolbox features a collection of tools to create web applications with the help of a modern system. As stated by Google, these tools and components in the toolbox are created for usage with web development tools that have been used since their existence. This makes the toolbox quite dynamic as it can thus be used for creating a variety of web applications. In other words, the Polymer toolbox consists of routing, layout, storage, and localization. And to connect or synchronise everything, Polymer toolbox uses a command-line component.

The Polymer also comprises of a library to benefit the basic platform used for extension of HTML and web applications. This platform is referred to as Web Components and has been a standard place for working on web application tools. The web platform still lacks an immersive experience when it comes to applications. Even though there is progress in the current digital system, there still isn’t that level of progress, which is expected of the system. HTML tag is the lowest component of visual experience in web developing system. The users expect more, but HTML is capable of doing limited visual things.

However, unlike HTML, JavaScript is said to have risen to a much higher level. Developers use JavaScript to develop various apps for mobile web technology.  Frameworks, runtimes, tool chains, and meta-platforms have all be used in JavaScript for creating desktop applications as well. Even though there are desktop applications, mobile web applications are the ones, which have progressed over time. JavaScript cannot be relied upon for all the major tasks anymore. In its place, developers can use the tools and components existing in the browser to create mobile web applications.

Polymer project has been created to benefit the web platform by developing libraries and tools using powerful methods. High-quality with low investment in time and effort is what Polymer toolbox will help achieve. Google has offered support and consultation for the use of Polymer Application Toolbox. The firm will guide users with the installation of the CLI, serving projects, and starting project templates.

This way the technology can be improved in a more flexible way. Mobile apps can be developed in a fashion, which suits the modern methods rather than the ones used by the previous generation. But, Polymer toolbox will be flexible enough to have support for primitives as well. Complete control in the hands of the user or a developer will be achieved through this new web development tool that has been initiated by Google. The digital world looks forward to this new technology as it starts spreading for usage among all sorts of web app developers and users.

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