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cPanel Hosting

Our Linux Plus, Linux Ultimate and Linux Reseller hosting packages are all manageable using the cPanel hosting control panel. cPanel hosting should be considered if you are looking for a low cost hosting solution that will provide high reliability and performance. cPanel is one of the most popular control panels for Linux hosting and provides you with a very user-friendly web interface from which you are able to manage the different aspects of your Linux based hosting service with only a few clicks.

Why is cPanel so popular?

cPanel contains a large array of features that make it easy for you to control the different features of your web hosting package. With cPanel you can have your web site, email and other hosted services up and running in a very short period of time. Features such as phpMyAdmin are standard to the control panel and provide you with a web interface that allows you to fully manage your MySQL databases. In short the aim of cPanel is to remove the need for admin level access to the server so that you can manage all of your web site's hosting requirements through a single web interface.

What is WHM (Web Host Manager)? And how do I obtain it?

WHM is an extended version of cPanel that allows you to create and manage multiple hosting packages at a parent level. WHM is provided with our Linux Reseller hosting packages. Here you can also assign each hosting package you create its own cPanel control panel so your customers can manage their web space and too gain the full benefits of a cPanel hosting solution.

Why should I choose Storm Internet for cPanel hosting?

Because we have been providing Linux hosting solutions since 2003 and are committed to giving you the very best service and support for Linux hosting. And all at a very competitive price. Due to our development background, we provide many powerful services as standard with our shared hosting packages that much of our competitors restrict. Features such as SSH Access, Cron jobs, Java support, Ruby on Rails are all support by our Linux Plus, Ultimate and Reseller cPanel hosting packages. Our support team is also made up of seasoned Linux server administrators who are on hand 24/7 to help you successfully launch your web site to the world and more importantly, keep it online. This is backed by our rank as a top 10 web host for uptime by

Whether you have a small personal web site or larger business critical web site we guarantee to provide you with unrivalled hosting support and service and are committed to providing you with the infrastructure your site needs to succeed online. Try us for 30 days and see if you too are not 100% satisfied!

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