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Like having your own virtual data centre

Create, modify and destroy Virtual Machines in your own private cloud

It's the reliable hosting solution with all the power and privacy of a dedicated server, but with the flexibility and scalability of an efficient cloud environment. Storm Cloud Private allows you to create virtual machines (VMs) using the resources of a base server you choose.

These VMs can interact with your teams, colleagues, and customers exactly like a physical server does. And because Storm Cloud Private lets you consolidate your existing hardware in the cloud, it's the ideal virtual computing resource that helps IT departments cut back on expenses, affordably.


Easy configuration

The Storm Cloud Private control panel puts the power of easy resource scaling in your hands. Once set up you can add or remove processing power, memory or disk space for individual Virtual Machines as required. Or just configure the auto-scaling feature to scale resources according to the limits you set.


Need another server? Just point and click

Create, manage, and remove virtual machines (VMs) in just a few clicks: Storm Cloud Private simplifies server consolidation and minimises the requirement for physical machines. And because it's easy and quick to add another "parent" server, seamless expansion becomes an affordable reality.


Grow your cloud - Easily add in new parent servers as required

Grow your cloud as your business expands! It's quick and easy to add in a new parent server to accommodate more VMs, meaning seamless expansion becomes an affordable reality.


It's intelligent. It's always on

Failover technology prevents downtime from affecting your service. This means that, should a hardware component within the cloud fail, another will take its place without causing any interruption to the service(s) you provide. This guarantees a reliable and continuous service that keeps you going 24/7.



Enjoy OS freedom like never before

Choose from more than 20 Windows and Linux operating systems for your virtual machines to create the operating environment your applications and services need for optimal performance. Storm Cloud Private lets you create multiple VMs instantly - each configured with your OS of choice.


Move Virtual Machines between Private Cloud servers

Need more resources for your load-heavy applications or servers? Storm Cloud Private lets you free up more resources by moving VMs between parent servers. This means more processing power, memory, and storage - at no extra cost.


Migrate your architecture to the cloud

Easily create virtual counterparts of physical network components for an optimal computing environment. Storm Cloud Private has been created to give you the flexibility and freedom you need to mimic a real-world network environment... for considerably less.


More privacy and security. More peace of mind

Storm Cloud Private guarantees a private cloud environment, free of the threats typically associated with the average public cloud. Proprietary hardware and software security protocols add additional protection to deliver top-of-the-line digital defence.



You're in safe hands - Fully managed & monitored 24/7

Storm Cloud Private is backed 24/7/365 by an experienced team of support engineers, ready to assist with complex server configurations and restorations, or just to answer your general questions. We'll also proactively monitor your private cloud and carry out any required background maintenance to ensure round-the-clock stability and great performance.


Full control of your Cloud via our management portal

With our Management Portal you gain full control over your Cloud and can easily manage every Virtual Machine you create under it. Watch the demo to see just how easy it is to manage your entire infrastructure.