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Best Free Security Plugins for WordPress | Storm Internet

Best Free Security Plugins for WordPress | Storm Internet

WordPress is the most used content management system on the planet. Millions of websites including many popular blogs and corporate sites are developed within WordPress. So, naturally hackers are also interested in hacking WordPress based websites. The WordPress Community usually sends out updates and patches for all the known vulnerabilities but, third party themes and plugins can make your site vulnerable. Sometimes the hackers can also find vulnerabilities in WordPress that allow them to hack your entire server.
In the past few months there have been major vulnerabilities that compromised thousands of sites. So, if you are a WordPress user or developer you must take care of your own security. The first step is keeping all your themes (Even unused themes.), Plugins (Even unused plugins.), and installation updated to the current version.

In this post we will discuss some of the top security plugins that you can use 100% free of charge.

MalCare Security Service

MalCare is the most comprehensive WordPress security service that comes with a complete set of security features. In the free version, MalCare scans the entire website in search for not just known malware, but new and complex ones too. Unlike a lot of scanners, it doesn’t slow down your site. There is also an intelligent web application firewall that protects your site from bad traffic and brute force attack.

There is also a paid version, along with a better scanner and firewall, there is an industry first one-click automatic malware cleaner that removes all traces of malware from a hacked site. The site management feature enables you to manage their plugins, users, WordPress core and site users. MalCare premium facilitates implementation of WordPress security best practices via website hardening. And it also allows white-labeling along with an ability to generate beautiful and detailed client reports.


WordFence is the most popular WordPress firewall plugin. It constantly scans your website for malware and emails you if it finds any issues. Not only does it provide a strong firewall and scan your site, it also speeds your site up. It makes your website faster by using what it calls the “Falcom Caching Engine.” This plugin provides many great features and does offer a premium plan if you need even more protection.
WordFence protects against bruteforce attacks, and if you get the premium plan it even allows you to enable SMS verification to login to an admin account. You can also block visitors from specific countries, bots, and scanners. It also scans your hosting for known backdoors, including C99 and R57. It also scans your post and comments for malicious code.

BulletProof Security

BulletProof Security is another popular WordPress Security Plugin that handles multiple things. It adds a basic firewall, database security, and login security. The best part about this plugin is it comes with a four-click setup interface. You can install, click four times, forget, and move on with other needs of your site.
It limits login attempts and blocks automated security scanners. It will also constantly checks the code of WordPress’s core files, themes, and plugins. If it finds an nfection, it notifies the admin. It also provides your website with a basic caching engine. The best part is it has a built in .htacess file manager. It protects your site from known vulnerabilities including XSS, RFI,CRLF, and Base64. The plugin keeps itself updated with the most up to date code dictionaries and SQL nounces.

Sucuri Security

Sucuri is developed by the security auditing company , Sucuri. This plugin offers many different features such as security activity auditing, file integrity auditing, malware scanning, blacklist curation, and a firewall. It incorporates many known blacklist including Google Safe Browsing, Norton, McAfee, and Site Advisor. If it finds anything wrong it will notify you via email.
What sets this plugin apart is it protects against DOS attacks, Zero Day Disclosure Patches, bruteforce attacks, and other scanner attacks. It also keeps logs of all activity done on your site.

iThemes Security

Formerly known as WP Security, iThemes Security is a security plugin that claims to offer 30+ ways to secure and protect your WordPress site. With a single click installation system, you can stop automated attacks and protect your site.
It scans the entire site and tries to find if there is any potential vulnerability on your website. It also prevents bruteforce attacks and bans the IP address that attempt to bruteforce your website. If you allow users to create accounts it forces users to use secure passwords and forces SSL if you use a SSL certificate on your site. The plugin also integrates lovely with the Google reCAPTCHA program.

6Scan Security

6Scan is a popular auto-fix protection for your site. It provides rule-based protection for your website and tries to keep the security of your site up to date. Its security scanner scans your site for SQL injection, Cross Site Scripting, CSRF, Directory traversal, and DOS attacks.

The most notable feature of this plugin is its automatic vulnerability fix. When it finds a vulnerable code, it applies its auto-fix solution. It also includes an automatic malware fix for any malware it finds on your site. This plugin will also send you an email it if finds any serious problems.

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