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WP Engine launches the World’s first PHP7 compatibility verifying tool

WP Engine launches the World’s first PHP7 compatibility verifying tool

It’s been over a decade since WP Engine, a renowned web hosting provider for WordPress websites in Austin, established its roots in the web world. And now, the company is launching the first PHP7 compatibility checker of its kind. It is able to verify compatibility of codes for the latest PHP as well as code compliance with the digital language. It has now been made available on the WordPress repository for plugins.

PHP7 has been known to be the latest and the quickest among the languages used or web development. This open source scripting language for general purpose websites has been powering about 84% of the websites on the internet. PHP7 covers up and modifies a number of significant alterations since the release of PHP5 in the year 2005. The major improvements have been focused on speed, security, and reduction in memory usage. The result is faster loading of pages on WordPress websites with half the memory consumption.

WP Engine announced the development of PHP7 in Dec 2015 and since then, the language has been evaluated and tested to optimize it further. WP Engine has been known for its quality when it comes to implementation of new technology. For developers around the world, this new compatibility tool for checking PHP7-based codes makes it much more helpful for the users worldwide.

In order to optimize websites, many users and developers tend to upgrade their websites to the latest versions of the language such as PHP7. Assessment is required in order to ensure that the new language is completely compatible with the old websites. For this, the new PHP7 compatibility tool helps keep the website under check and then operate to fix the irregularities. Improved performance is necessary to ensure the smoothness in a website. So, the developers at this firm have come up with the very first compatibility checker for PHP.

The product manager at WP Engine, Taylor McCaslin was quoted saying that the firm has been developing PHP7 to improve its performance since its announcement. A majority of the websites run on PHP, which is why people would love to have its latest version without any flaws. But, before it all, there is a lot of work involved for improving the workability of plugins and themes. But, to ensure that a tool is completely running on the new system, a compatibility checker was required, and that is what this new plugin is capable of doing. Faster websites are important to keep the system running. And, bringing this new tool for developers will ensure that everyone is able to adapt to PHP7 for outstanding performance in the web world.

WP Engine is known to handle some of the biggest website brands on the Internet through its web hosting service. Using capable modules as developed using PHP7 would ensure smoother and faster websites for the people around the globe. For better working there, new updates to be witnessed soon which will help the users around the world further in the future.

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