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Got a Storm virtual server? We're planting two trees on your behalf every year

Almost 90% of Storm’s physical servers are powered by renewable energy sources and we’re already doing a lot to put more back into nature than we take out. But we’re passionate about going the extra mile, which means helping you go the extra mile for the environment, too.


For every Storm public cloud virtual server you have we’ll plant 2 trees every year. You’ll be helping us combat global warming without spending a penny, and you’ll also get a certificate as proof that somewhere out there two trees are absorbing CO2 emissions on your behalf.

What is 22 Trees?

Well technically it’s about 8.4 to 12.1 trees we need to plant per beefy (yet super efficient) Dell PowerEdge server per year to offset its annual carbon emissions. But 22 sounds better, and allows us to plant two trees per virtual server created on a physical server, instead of one-and-a-fraction trees.


So to ensure that your hosting puts back more into nature than it takes out, we’ve partnered up with more:trees to plant those trees and give you the green edge.

  • Calculations are based on 11 virtual servers per physical server (Don't worry, we don't fill servers to the brim. You'll always have ample resources at your disposal.)
  • For dedicated and private cloud servers we'll calculate the emissions based on the specifications of the physical server, plug those specifications into our formula, and plant the trees required to offset emissions
  • One tree absorbs roughly 21kg to 35kg of CO2 per year
  • Extracted CO2 is converted to oxygen and plant matter through photosynthesis

Our offset calculations

Step 1: Determine power consumption

Armed with an average energy consumption per Storm physical server per hour (0.144kWh), we can calculate the monthly or annual power consumption by multiplying the kWh above with the number of hours in a month, or a year. This amounts to 103.68kWh / 30-day month, or 1,261.44kWh / year.

Step 2: Calculate emissions

Calculate the total emissions by multiplying the monthly or yearly kWh with the appropriate conversion factor. For our purposes we briefly imagined that our servers are powered by Scope 2 UK Electricity (instead of green energy), which has a conversion factor of 0,21233kgCO2e.

Step 3: Plant trees

Divide the total emissions per server (264.172kgCO2e per annum) by the amount of CO2 absorbed per tree per year (21.77kgCO2 – 31.50kgCO2) to determine how many trees are needed to offset the annual emissions of one physical server: 8.386 to 12.134 trees. Or, when going the extra mile, 22 Trees.

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