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Data Processing Schedule

Processing of the Protected Data by Us under this Agreement shall be for the subject-matter, duration, nature and purposes and involve the types of personal data and categories of Data Subjects set out below.

1. Subject-matter of processing

The processing that We undertake on your behalf is limited to the hosting, storage and back-up of Protected Data you upload to the Server.

2. Duration of the processing

The Protected Data shall be processed from the date that you start using the Services until the Agreement ends or is terminated by You or Us. On termination all Protected Data is deleted from the hard drives, storage devices and backup devices dedicated to your use, prior to re-use.

3. Nature and purpose of the processing

To provide the Services to You under this Agreement. Any processing carried out in relation to back-up of data is carried out for disaster recovery purposes only.

4. Type of Personal Data

Any Protected Data provided to Us by or on behalf of You or any of your customers through the use or provision of our Services. We do not have knowledge of the Protected Data You store on the Server, including the quantity, value or use of that Protected Data.

5. Categories of Data Subjects

Those whose Protected Data are provided to Us by You.

Version 1.0 (Last updated 04/05/2018)

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