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Our Story

Over the last 10 years, Storm Internet's hosting solutions have been helping small businesses all over the world to maximise the potential of their online presence. From the very beginning our aim has been to be more than just a service provider. We have closed the gap between being a service provider and the customer, ensuring a partnership based on success, with long-term relationships and growth as the profitable results.

To achieve our goal, we knew that we would have to focus on tailor-made hosting solutions. Reliability and speed would have to complement the services we provide, creating an environment where our clients are able to reach their goals with efficiency. And we knew that we would have to provide our services at highly competitive rates to ensure that our clients were able to remain competitive themselves. That's exactly what we've done!

Empowering small businesses...

  • Innovation based on your needs
  • UK based
  • Rates to suit any budget
  • 24/7/365 expert technical assistance
  • Multi-award winning
  • Industry leading equipment and infrastructure

A short history

We opened our doors in 2004, starting out as a Windows hosting company, led by CEO Salim Benadel. Salim's web designer background and the relatively unsaturated market at the time gave us the opportunity to provide a large number of businesses with affordable hosting to suit their web development needs.

At the same time we forged our long-term vision, of not only delivering innovative managed hosting services at highly competitive rates, but providing those services through a platform which would allow our clients to truly tailor the services they use without breaking the bank.

Throughout the years we've employed the best in the business, worked hard and developed a flexible infrastructure which can host a broad portfolio of customisable services driven by cutting-edge technologies. We've excelled above and beyond to specialise in dedicated and cloud hosting solutions, while remaining affordable - making high-end hosting solutions available to even the smallest of businesses.

The result

For more than three years Storm Internet has maintained its position among the fastest hosts in the world on And we're proud to have retained our ranking among the top ten for uptime. We're one of the only hosting companies to have won six consecutive awards year on year at the national UK Internet Industry awards, the ISPAs. In 2017 winning both the Best Cloud Product award and Best Dedicated Hosting award.

These are milestones that affirm our direction and dedication to our clients and our commitment to businesses. The most important result of all, however, is reflected in our clients themselves: since 2004 we've maintained a retention rate of over 85%.

At Storm Internet we innovate with the aim of solving the most challenging IT demands experienced by our clients today. Ours is the continued journey to help them reach their goals a little easier - by being more than just a provider...being a partner, a friend.

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