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Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting

What to look out for from Shared Hosting

If you run your own business, you will know how important good hosting is. You cannot get the most of your business unless your servers are hosted in a suitable and effective manner.

Of course, the market is brimming with amazing hosting options like dedicated hosting, ASP. NET Hosting, cloud hosting, shared hosting and so on. All these hosting areas prove very effective and productive for businesses.  But what about shared hosting?

Risky Area

With shared hosting, you risk making use of too much bandwidth or space, and if this happens the hosting provider can disable your site. This is not something you would want to risk for your business.

Unlimited shared hosting is a Hoax

Unlimited hosting is a misconception.  If you find yourself lured into unlimited shared hosting plans then take caution.  All servers have limits and when you are paying the lower prices for shared hosting you simply cannot expect the same unlimited storage you would get from individual hosting.

Neighbours are a headache

If you are using shared hosting you will find yourself with neighbours.  The accounts on a shared server don’t get an equal amount of resources.  All the resources, instead, are shared by all of the websites on the server. These most of the time, simply make use of what they require. In case the resources on the server are used up and your website requires more – for example for a traffic spike, then the space simply may not be there.

A big issue is when another website or account on the same server runs into problems. Though most of the hosts have precautions in place to prevent a customer from having so much impact on others, the point is that they are not at all perfect and frequently servers have to be taken offline for repairing something on an account totally unrelated to your own.

Actually, since the same physical server is shared, same resources, same operating system and frequently the same IP address with different other websites, what they do might and at some point affect you. Especially if they have technical problems, begin sending out spam or otherwise perform things which negatively impact the server and the overall performance.


The bottom line is that you need not to panic because there is nothing wrong with shared hosting. It is how most websites get started and it might be a wonderful way to swiftly and cheaply get set up, test an idea or begin a fresh project. Shared hosting is abundant, low cost and simple. However, coming up with a shared hosting plan within low cost carries some high draw backs but once you are aware about them, you can make the finest use of the plan.

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