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Software developers can now enjoy Microsoft’s HoloLens for their projects

Software developers can now enjoy Microsoft’s HoloLens for their projects

Virtual reality has taken the world by storm. So many new gadgets, especially smartphones, are featuring inbuilt systems to promote the use of VR headgear. It certainly is a technology which introduces us to the digital world. 3D technology came on the scene a few years ago, and people admired it for a while. But as soon as virtual reality stepped in, the world was swept away.

Are you familiar with augmented reality?

This awesome technology is certainly not new to the world, but it has since been developed to a whole new level. Take a look at Microsoft’s HoloLens, and you will figure out what the world has achieved. Microsoft demonstrated the beauty of augmented reality with its headgear called the HoloLens. This system offers a real environment synchronized with the digital one. This way you are able to look at digitally created objects in the real life scenario and operate it through various commands. Still confused? Then think of the technology used in movies like Iron Man where Tony Stark is able to interact with holographic imagery.

Microsoft has finally planned to test their product in the consumer market. And, software developers are the first to get their hands on this device through invites only in USA and Canada. The initial cost for the device has been said to be $3000.

This 579-gram developer edition of the model will allow developers to use the device for 3 hours on full charge. It is also capable of providing 2 weeks of standby time. A year ago the technology was revealed at an event to the public, and people were all awestruck. Since then, a lot has been added to the device which will be tested by the developers.

Developers are the first to test because Microsoft wants brilliant minds to work on their device and come up with independently created applications for it. Once that phase is properly completed, the device will be brought into the open market at a much lower price than the anticipated initial cost of $3000. Alex Kipman, a Microsoft technical engineer, informed the news that the product still requires time to bring it to the public. The company wants the device to be fully capable of impressing in more than a few holographic images.

Help from Microsoft to developers

The company also offers various sample applications developed for the device. Some of these apps include a holographic version of Skype and a game called Fragments. A virtual showroom for Volvo has also been designed in one of these apps, ready for developers to test. Surely all this can help create many more wonderful apps in the future. People are certainly impressed with VR for entertainment. The HoloLens is more focused on applications for educative, industrial, entertainment and any purpose you can imagine. We all eagerly await this exciting product to hit the market and impress us with its high-end performance.

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