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Storm Private Cloud – Flexible and Scalable

Storm Private Cloud – Flexible and Scalable

There are many benefits to using Storm Private Cloud for your business – cost savings, data security, resilience.  But as well as these benefits, it’s scalable and flexible too!

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build your dedicated cloud up as your business requirements demand it. Change, re-configure and add more virtual resources as and when you need without ever needing to migrate to a new platform. If you wanted to, you can scale it down again too. You get a full range of tools to configure to your personal requirements and are backed by our award winning support to ensure you have a rock-solid and secure infrastructure for your business.

How can it scale to our business needs?

Virtual servers hosted on the Private Cloud can be scaled up and down with just a couple of clicks.

A Virtual server is like a child server that runs on a physical dedicated server, or parent serer. More than one child (virtual) server can be hosted on a single parent server and can be scaled up and down in line with the free available space on that parent server. Once the parent server is out of space Storm Internet can add in additional parent servers to the Cloud.

Most of our clients tend to start with a small private cloud consisting of 2 parent servers. This is mainly for resilience should one fail.  The virtual server will then jump across to the second healthy parent server and run from there – thus avoiding any downtime for the business.

Scaling to the business needs simply means adding parent servers to the client’s private cloud and subsequently providing more room for virtual servers as and when required.

What are the costs?

Aside from software license costs (for example, a Windows OS license if creating a Windows Virtual Server) there are no additional costs to create further Virtual Servers on a client’s Private Cloud. The business is free to use all the cloud’s resources as they require and pay just the one-off fee per month.

To grow the cloud (i.e. add in further parent servers) there would be the additional monthly cost of the new physical server to cover.

So, as you can see, the private cloud really can be scaled to suit.

Great, I’d like to know more!

If you would like to learn more about how a Private Cloud can help your business give us a call us on 0800 817 4727

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