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Storm Private Cloud or Dedicated Server

Storm Private Cloud or Dedicated Server

To explain what Private Cloud is and where it is a better solution than a Dedicated Server we have prepared an information brief entitled:  Storm Private Cloud. In this article we explain the difference between Private Cloud and Dedicated Server options based on your business needs.

What is Private Cloud?

Private Cloud is like having your very own secure data centre in which you can easily provision multiple servers of various types. It is agile and flexible like Public Cloud and can scale to meet changing business needs. But is built on private, customer assigned infrastructure, rather than shared infrastructure. Specific security and performance concerns are thus taken care of and start-up costs are low as you only pay for what you need.

What is a Dedicated Server?

A Dedicated Server is a single physical server, exclusively leased by and dedicated to a specific client rather than a part of a shared server infrastructure. A dedicated server supports only one instance of an operating system. So for example you would typically set up a dedicated server to run either a Windows OS or Linux OS and then host your website or online application on that.

What are the differences?

Private Cloud and Dedicated Servers are both dedicated infrastructure and can both be upgraded. However a Dedicated Server is a single inert physical device requiring secondary server mirroring to scale performance and provide resilience. In contrast, a Private Cloud comprises multiple physical server components providing built-in resilience and scalability as standard.

Value for money!

Private Cloud can cost less than an equivalent profile of Dedicated Server and can be provided at a fixed monthly cost, regardless of usage unlike Public Cloud services where costs are based on usage and can quickly escalate.

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