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The most reliable supercharged CDN services this side of the internet

It's easy to speed up your online content delivery with Storm & CloudFlare. It's easier than ever before to supercharge your content delivery while boosting out-of-the-box security features. Next-level online continuity comes as standard, which means your website and other online assets will always be available.

Up to 200% faster

Get the benefit of a high-availability network capable of absorbing traffic surges with ease. We've combined CloudFlare CDN with our own super-fast multicarrier low-latency network to produce WebAccelerateTM - capable of boosting content delivery speeds up to 200%. Added support for IPv6, HTTP/2 and SPDY, and evolved caching mechanisms eliminates conventional CDN restrictions.

Multilayer Security

The collective knowledge of 6 million websites powers intelligent security that's always learning, always protecting against existing and emerging threats. This added layer of protection keeps you safe from DDoS attacks, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), and SQL injection, and includes comment spam and content scraping protection, to name a few.

Easy configuration

Add all your sites, even if they're hosted somewhere else. The Security & Performance Centre makes it easy to switch your sites to the Storm-CloudFlare CDN, with point-and-click access to everything you need in one place. Use the built-in reporting tools for advanced analytics of your website, DNS, bandwidth and custom metrics.

Always online, always reliable

We've gone the extra mile to break away from the usual “ 100% network availability” to guarantee 100% uptime service availability through carrier-independent network redundancy and Cloudflare's global Anycast network. With Storm your website is always online, and always available to any internet-connected device.

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What is a CDN? (Show Answer)
A CDN stands for Content Delivert Network. It refers to a network of geographically distributed servers with the key aim of speeding up content delivery. CDNs typically do not host content, but instead commits online content to a cache which compresses and filters for enhanced rendering and delivery.
How does a CDN improve content delivery times? (Show Answer)
Through CloudFlare your content is brought closer to your customers and visitors through a network of 63 data centres spread across the globe. Other optimisations include purpose-specific hardware and software that optimise content and automatically balances heavy traffic loads to ensure consistent delivery.
What is cached by a CDN? (Show Answer)
CDNs have become versatile in their caching ability, moving past simple text and image caching to include intelligent compression of images and videos without sacrificing quality, as well as compression of web pages, JavaScript files, and stylesheets.
When will my visitors see changes I made to the website? (Show Answer)
CDNs typically refresh their caches at predetermined short intervals. An immediate refresh of your website data can be forced from the Storm Security & Performance Centre.
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We need a website that is up and running at all times, and Storm delivers. They go the extra mile.

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