Online Support

High-performance ultra-secure eCommerce hosting

Multi-layer hardened security built around enterprise-grade redundancy keeps your online store going 24/7 without compromise. With additional ecommerce-specific security measures and an arsenal of backup and disaster recovery options, you’ll have enough ammo for worry-free online expansion.

Seamless site migration

With site migration as a complementary service you'll still be home in time for dinner when you move to Storm. Storm's 360° migration care includes planning, execution, and data verification. Integration with your in-house teams to facilitate complex infrastructure or high volume migrations is a given. No downtime or data loss, just a seamless transition.

Hardened eCommerce security

Add your ecommerce sites to the Storm Security Centre – even those hosted elsewhere. Use the free security audit for an analysis of your PCI DSS and GDPR compliance. All Storm servers get ironclad security from setup to multi-layer network protection against the newest online threats and digital attacks.

Scale as you go

Penalty-free upgrade and downgrades make it easy to scale your hosting environment to accommodate your ecommerce needs. Move from shared hosting to cloud-based VPS or dedicated hosting without any interruption to your ecommerce sites or services. We will be there with you along the way.

Super-fast connectivity

We don't pull punches when it comes to speed. Storm servers are hosted in UK-based ISO-certified Tier 4 data centres with multiple top-tier carrier-independent connections that deliver guaranteed 24/7 availability. What does this mean? It means your site will always be online, even when your competitors aren't.

Anna Stefaniak - YKK Europe

If you need a responsive company to help with your web needs, then you can do no better than to call Storm Internet. Their dedicated team will help out in the most pressing of circumstances.

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