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Hosted Exchange

High availability email hosting for optimal business continuity

Affordable - Available on a per mailbox basis

Is email critical to your business? How would it affect you if there was any downtime? Will you lose leads, customers or even sales?

For many, the answer to these questions are a resounding "Yes".

That's why we've developed a new type of email system that's tougher, more resilient and has all the features and robustness of a dedicated Microsoft Exchange email solution. But without the associated heavy costs.

Superior Email Solution

Our Exchange++ service is a superior email solution based on the award winning Microsoft Exchange 2013 platform that goes beyond that of standard Hosted Exchange services offered by some of our competitors by providing the following core features:

  • High availability guaranteed for optimal business continuity. Never suffer disruption again!
  • It's affordable - from £1.99/ pay only for the mailboxes you use. Lowest like-for-like price guaranteed!
  • It's faster - a unique server infrastructure that speeds up incoming and outgoing mail
  • It's super secure - 100% UK based servers, advanced network protection, antivirus & spam filtering plus secure connections mean that the sensitive email you send and receive to and from the server is securely encrypted over the internet
  • It's easy to switch - Easily migrate your existing mails across to your Hosted Exchange++ accounts with a few simple steps. Our migration team are available 24/7 if you need a hand.