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Security Audits

Strengthen your online protection with Storm's comprehensive security audit

Get in-depth security audits that expose potential weaknesses which could compromise data privacy and security. Better security means better business continuity. It helps eliminate loss due to the significantly lower risk of hacks and attacks to your website, and ultimately no loss of trust from your clients and end users – upholding your brands reputation.

Everything in one place

Sign into the Storm Performance & Security Centre and add your sites and servers in just a few clicks. Storm's automated audit tool scans your hosting setup and identifies risks, delivering scoring for security, performance, and data protection. Need to improve your score? Just point and click to add the necessary security services.

Complete scan

Rapid port scanning probes 65,535 ports and pinpoints exposed running services. Our reports include an analysis of unnecessary active services and recommendations for action. Scans for viruses, rootkits, malware, and over 50,000 threats are available for client-owned servers.

Firewall review

Activate the web application firewall (WAF) for intelligent protection against DDoS attacks and other online threats. Custom WAF rules and firewalls can be audited to enhance effective organisation-specific policies.

PCI Compliance

PCI compliance means tough-as-nails security. Where scoring in the Storm Security & Performance Centre gives a bird's eye view of your sites or server security, the Storm security audit provides an in-depth look at your security configuration. This includes spam-testing your server and checking your sites for HTML and scripting vulnerabilities.

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Why PCI Compliance? I don't collect credit card info? (Show Answer)
You may ask why you need to be PCI compliant if you don’t collect card details. At Storm we use PCI as the benchmark in tough-as-nails security for all our customers. The GDPR came into force in 2018 making significant changes to data privacy regulation. Companies are required by law to protect customers’ personal information to the highest standards, or face serious consequences including crippling fines. So by complying with PCI DSS companies are also complying with the GDPR and protecting themselves from fines due to data breaches, even if they don’t hold cardholder data.

Storm will fully manage your security requirements via the Storm Security Centre. The team will take care of implementing all the required changes to your business, as well as proactively keeping on top of it as any threats evolve. This is the Storm Security guarantee.
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From the offset, Storm took the time to understand our problems and gave us confidence they could provide solutions to our issues. We've not been disappointed.

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