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Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs)

Your network, your way. Managed and maintained by Storm

Storm's fully-managed VLAN service takes the complexity out of tailored networking without breaking the bank. Use a VLAN to segment your physical or virtual network into smaller networks for better performance and scalability, and enhanced security.

Fully managed and supported

Storm Internet's fully-managed VLAN service eliminates the need for internal technical staff and additional equipment expenses. We'll monitor your network 24/7 and commit skilled and qualified network administrators to manage and maintain your VLAN.

Enhanced access verification

VLANs are created and controlled by a switch, which makes it easy to control access to resources. Access is device-specific, and can be granted per group or per individual without the need to remember additional passwords.

Better network performance

Broadcast traffic sent out by every device can have a dramatic impact on your network performance. With a VLAN broadcast traffic is limited to the virtual network a device is connected to, eliminating “noise” traffic, and boosting overall performance.

Superior scalability

Most switches can host up to 4093 VLANs, with the number of connections limited only by possible physical network connections. At the same time, servers and other devices can be configured to run on multiple VLANs. With endless possibilities like these, you're free to create a network configuration that matches your most extravagant needs.

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Use Cases

VLANs are ideally employed in environments with large numbers of users or servers running bandwidth-intensive applications.

Server isolation

Businesses running multiple in-house servers can increase security and network performance by separating servers from workstations. Workstations can be granted access to some or all services on the server, without being subject to broadcast traffic between the servers themselves.

Virtual Workgroups

Teams that work on the same hosted applications can be separated from other network users to enhance network traffic capacity, thus eliminating potential network disruptions and increasing productivity. Yet these teams can still be allowed access to network services hosted on other VLANs, like email and the internet.

Visitor Networks

Need to provide visitors with internet access? VLANs eliminate the need for additional internet connections by allowing access to the default connection while separating visitor traffic from internal company traffic. Bandwidth throughput can be limited, while the inherent nature of a VLAN protects sensitive data and applications from accidental access by visitors.

Bob Baker - Signum International

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