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Ponemon Institute's 2018 Cost of Data Breach Study | 11th July 2018

The Problem - Data Loss

Data loss means downtime

Research by Leeds-based virtualDCS shows that many UK SMEs risk data loss every day due to insufficient IT skills and knowledge. The study also indicates that at least 13% of businesses fail to implement simple daily data backup routines. Data loss as a result of malicious intent or human error inevitably leads to downtime.

Out of business

One in three businesses don't have adequate disaster recovery strategies in place. Of these, 93% will fail not long after disaster strikes. How long until you recover? Will your losses be significant? The reality is that disaster recovery management requires technical expertise, and is a time-consuming activity that has to be adapted as your business grows.

Breach of ICO and GDPR Policy

GDPR and ICO regulations require the implementation of disaster recovery measures to protect personal data and processing systems and services. Failure to comply with these regulations could result in fines of up to 4% of your company's annual turnover. Then there are the potential claims and legal costs associated with loss of personal data...

Increased cost to business

Even with disaster recovery in place, how long would it take you and your staff to get back to a pre-disaster scenario? Inadequate disaster recovery and data backup strategies can cripple normal business functions while staff members are trying recover lost data, resulting in further damage to your business.

The Solution - How Storm keeps your data backed up

Because information is your most valuable asset, data loss can be fatal. Storm's Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Guarantee matches your business to an ideal backup solution. 360° rock-solid continuity forms an integral part of our commitment to your success.


Fully Managed Data Backups

Keep your focus on your mission-critical objectives, and we'll keep ours on your backups. With Storm managed backups our technical teams assume responsibility of your backups to alleviate your workload. Specify the schedule and which files you want backed up, and we’ll do the rest. All Storm managed data backup services are verified to ensure archive integrity, with encryption available as standard. It’s your backups your way, done by us.

Rapid Disaster Recovery

Storm's aggressive continuity commitment means you'll never miss a beat. Failsafe DRaaS and custom restore options take the edge off any data-loss scenario to keep you in the game whenever life happens. Save time, money, and peace of mind.

Simplified Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster recovery management (DCM) strategies can be complex and time-consuming. Let Storm’s 24/7/365 disaster recovery experts help you formulate effective DCM measures that’ll keep you covered from every angle. This is an ideal option should you already have in-house technical expertise at your disposal, and merely require a little guidance.

24/7 restore support

Restoring your data can be just as stressful as any disaster scenario. Let our 24/7/365 support engineers take full control of the restore operation to get you back on the pre-disaster track. All site and server information is checked, verified, and tested during restoration to deliver optimal operational stability quickly and efficiently.

Highest Security

All Storm Servers are hosted in UK-based Tier 4 ISO 9001, 14001 and 27001 audited and certified data centres. Industrial-grade AES-256 encryption protects your backed up information during its SSL-encrypted transfer to secured remote locations.

You're never alone

Storm's support team is dedicated to your online wellbeing. Whether you need to restore files & folders or an entire server, or need help developing or executing your backup strategy, we've got you covered 24/7/365.

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Your Backup Options

Server Backups

Backup and restore individual files and folders, or entire directory structures. Backups can be scheduled or run manually, and include options for incremental backups according to your organisational needs.

Virtual Server Snapshots

Create an image-like backup of your entire virtual server at a fixed point in time. Snapshots lack the flexibility to restore individual files and folders, but are the ideal tool for testing and development environments, or routine virtual server backups.

Control Panel Backups

Point-and-click backup within your cPanel (Linux servers) or Plesk (Windows servers) control panel delivers full backup control. Optional cron jobs execute custom backup commands and can be scheduled to run at predetermined times or intervals.

Remote FTP Backups

Storing files on your local computer or server isn't always feasible or safe. Remote FTP backup provides you with server space in a highly secure, always-online digital environment accessible from anywhere in the world. Storm's FTP backup packages range from 5GB to 100GB, and are accompanied by an affordable pay-as-you-go model in case you need more space.

StormReflex: real-time live backups

StormReflex(DRaaS) is cutting-edge disaster-recovery innovation at its best. We'll mirror your entire cloud setup at a second, geographically-independent site. What makes StormReflex so incredibly fantastic is that it provides seamless failover to the secondary site. In English, this means that if a major earthquake (for example) hits, we'll automatically switch over to the secondary site, with little to no interruption to your services or users.

Custom Backup Solution

Get a custom operating environment for your 3rd party backup solution or non-standard backup requirements. Storm's certified solution engineers can help design and implement your ideal operating environment to deliver backups that run smoothly every time.

Elliott Price - Elizabeth Shaw

From the offset, Storm took the time to understand our problems and gave us confidence they could provide solutions to our issues. We've not been disappointed.

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